Is this going to be the year that you become a better version of yourself?

For many of us, being sociable and having a booming social life doesn’t come easy. We try our best and yet we can’t meet that many friends. I used to be like this. I used to be bored and struggle to make plans. Now I can’t have a night to myself even if I tried. There’s always something going on and somewhere to go.

The good news is that you don’t need to be rich to have an exciting night life or fun circle of friends. This is just an excuse that we use. We really don’t need all that much to have fun.

How can you be a stud even if you’re broke? How can you have a booming social life when you’re wallet is empty?

Enjoy your free resources.

There’s so much free stuff that you can do out there to boost your social life. The top ideas that come to mind include:

  1. Join a club. This is the best excuse to meet new people and indulge in an interest of yours. One of my relatives joined the Polish club. This was the best excuse ever to meet new Polish folks and to drink vodka together. While you don’t have to get wasted, you get the point.
  2. Check out the parks. There’s always random activities happening in the park. There are all sorts of gatherings. Why not considering checking one of these out?
  3. Work-related stuff. Some people prefer to avoid work stuff because they don’t want to get caught up in the excruciating politics. I get that. But there’s also tons of opportunities to see your co-workers drop their inhibitions and have fun outside of work.
What will you do for free?

Take genuine interest in others.

Maybe the reason that you don’t have any friends is that you don’t really care all that much about others? This could be the case.

I used to ask passer-by’s how they were doing and I wouldn’t wait for the response. Now I do. I try to take the time to talk to everyone. I found out that by taking a genuine interests in others, those people will actually look forward to seeing you. This will greatly boost your social life and add friends that care about you.

Organize events.

Have you ever organize an event? My girlfriend loves to organize events. She plans Facebook events all of the time. People become engaged and everyone starts talking about them.

But wait — I have no money. Can I still organize events? 100%. The trick is to setup potlucks. Ensure that everyone will bring something so that you’re not stuck with all of the expenses. This way you can save some money and have a sweet jam.

When am I coming over to your place for the next potluck?

Don’t spend money you don’t have.

This goes without saying. This is one of the core tenets and mantras of any personal finance blogger.

Don’t spend the money if you don’t have it.

Since you obviously know this already, I’ll dig a bit deeper. Instead of spending money on your credit card for a night out, why don’t you try finding a part-time job where you’ll be forced to meet new folks? How about enrolling in a new course to meet a whole bunch of young folks? There are many strategies here. You don’t have to worry about taking your plastic out.

I want you to get the most out of your social life even if you’re broke. An empty pocket shouldn’t hold you back. Only an empty mind can do that. I know that you don’t have an empty mind. I know that you want to be a ball of fun this year.

How did you improve your social life?

Martin Dasko

Martin Dasko