Best Student Jobs to Avoid Student LoansSummer jobs for students is a hot topic around this time of the year because it’s when employers start looking to hire employees for the summer season. It’s also the time of the year where college students start getting excited for the end of semester life. This is why I wanted to take a moment to congratulate you. By reading this article you’ll be ahead of the game and be looking for the best student jobs to avoid student loans.

If the title of this post caught your attention, let’s look at the best student jobs to avoid student loans:

On-campus jobs to avoid student loans:

Administrative position.

Most colleges will often hire current students to work in administrative positions that require little responsibility. Anything from watching the accounts receivable at the gym to helping a professor balance their books can be used as a decent source of on-campus income.

Tutoring position.

There are many ways you can make money on-campus and avoid student loans by tutoring your peers. You can find work as a Teaching Assistant and work closely with the professor throughout the duration of the whole course. You can offer private tutoring sessions around campus to students that are interested in help. You can also do what my buddy did. He met students in class and offered them tutoring sessions at discounted rates. Just remember that we are all good at something that someone else out there struggles with.

Tour guide.

Working as a tour guide on your college campus will allow you to meet new people and learn more about your college than you could imagine. A good source of income that will provide you with plenty of exercise and networking.

General Assistant.

Any general on-campus job from monitoring a computer lab to working as an Exam Invigilator will pay you a decent wage, while you sneak in some time to study for your next exam. Another benefit here is that you’ll be forced to stick around campus, and this way you can meet new people and stay focused on your studies.

Off-campus jobs:

If you have no luck with finding a job on your college campus or you simply don’t want to spend any more time on your college campus then you need to, you can try some of the following off-campus jobs to pay for your college tuition:

Local businesses.

Many local businesses around town hire college students to work for them. The opportunities are endless. You just need to focus on applying in advance and acing your job interview. You can make some money in town and get to know the trends in your area.

Serving drinks/food.

This is likely the best way to make money in college. Some of my friends have told me nothing but great stories from these jobs. You’ll usually end up working with lots of other college students. You can also make some decent money from tips if you work at the right location.

Now that we looked at on-campus and off-campus jobs to help you avoid student loans, let’s dive into summer work.

Summer work to pay off college loans:

Some college programs are so academically intense that you simply can’t hold down a job during the school year. This is why you should strive to take advantage of the summer by finding seasonal work to help you avoid student loans all together by earning enough money to cover your college tuition.

Some summer jobs for students that  can help you avoid student loans.

Yard maintenance.

This is where I made all of my money in high school. Cutting grass and taking care of some one’s yard can allow you to make some money while you enjoy the fresh air all summer. I personally worked with elderly people in my community. This also allowed me to hear some interesting stories from people that have been through a lot in life.

Work at a country club.

I had to throw this one in because I know a few people that did this. Working at a local country club can do wonders for your future. My friend met and created many connections in his field just be working as an assistant at a golf club.

Anything you want.

Most career advice states that you should try to enter the field as soon as possible. However, I feel that the summer months allow college students to work any job that they really want. You can simply turn off your brain and find something that you enjoy to do. Once you start your career you’ll be stressed out about moving up the ranks and trying to keep your job. For now you don’t have to stress as much.

There you have it, an extensive list of student jobs to help you avoid student loans in college. I’m curious to hear about what you did for work in college?

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