Finding a great entry level job can be very rewarding, but difficult for many college students and new graduates. They are determined to find a job that will help them use their skills and talents. Besides polishing their own resumes, another popular option is Curriculum Vitae (CV) services.

With the average salary between $40-50k for college graduates, it’s no wonder people are looking for tips on their job hunt. Their first job can be a launching pad for their career.

Prepare for Your First Job Hunt

If you’re ready for it, here are some tips to get you started.

  • Organize the job hunt – Looking for a job does take some time. Uploading resumes online doesn’t constitute job hunting. It won’t help job seekers get the job that they really want.
  • Build a network – Many jobs that are vacant aren’t advertised online or in the paper. It pays to be in contact with friends, professors, family, and classmates to see if they have heard of any job openings.

Can CV Services Help Me?

Hoping to put their best foot forward, job seekers are turning to CV services. They’re hoping that their resume can be polished enough to pique the interest to get an interview. What can resume professionals do to help?

  • Provide a cover letter that will be tailored to a job you’re looking for
  • Proofread and format your resume
  • Organize and craft your resume that reflects your skills

How much do they cost? It varies, but reputable agency can charge $65-$100, depending on the level of services you need. Ask around to see what people have used and whether they were happy with the services or not.

Thoughts on Finding Your First Job

For those on the job hunt right now, how has your search been going? For those that remember getting their first entry level job, what made the difference? Did you get CV services or did you work on your resume again?

Laura Martinez

Laura Martinez