5 Significant Ways It’s Cheaper to Work from Home

In the current economy, many people are looking for extra work. But spending time in a classic cubical comes with several costs. Costs which reduce your overall take-home pay. Before you agree to a traditional nine to five job, it may behoove you to consider the many ways in which it’s cheaper to work from home.


The lack of a commute means your car’s consumption of gasoline will be greatly reduced. These moneys can be channeled to other expenses as you deem appropriate. Even a smaller savings in this area can save several hundred dollars a month, making a significant gain in your household’s saving’s ability. It also provides notable funding you can use in your business budget.


If you’re working outside of the home every day, then you avoid the temptation to indulge in dining out as an alternative to brown bag lunches. You’re also based with access to your kitchen, enabling you to embrace a variety of food strategies which can save your family money. Crock pots, electric ovens and other kitchen appliances such as food processors and blenders can be used to create a multitude of meals from scratch.


It’s no secret that professional clothing is a huge expense for those choosing to work outside the home. If you spend most of your time behind a keyboard in a home office, then dressing in expensive corporate clothing only happens on the occasion when you book a more formal meeting. This means less wear and tear on the clothing you do have, and a need for less business clothing overall.


Your vehicle isn’t the only thing that will have a reduced maintenance schedule. While you’ll be required to worry about tire replacement and oil chances less frequently, you’ll also be able to spend less cash on grooming expenses like professional manicures, haircuts, perms and more.

Child Care

Families with more than one child will be the first ones to advise you that child care costs can easily add up to more than the cost of an entire second mortgage. Certainly, you’ll need to focus on your work but there are plenty of work from home options that allow you to be productive during naptimes, early in the morning and while the kids are busy at play group. While it will require discipline and flexibility, it’s possible to successfully juggle the kiddos and a career. People do it all the time.

There are just a few of the ways it can be cheaper to work at home. Have you spent any time breaking down the numbers? What are some of the ways a work at home career could both make and save money for your family? Share your comments below.

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  1. You can’t hold down a full-time job from home while watching your kids yourself. I’ve tried. However, paid childcare is still frequently cheaper when you’re working from home, because you pay for fewer hours when you don’t have to factor in a long commute to the office.

    By the way, in your second sentence, it’s “cubicle”. “Cubical” is an adjective describing the shape of the little office boxes.

  2. This has been awesome for me because I recently got two new jobs. One of the jobs I work from home and the other one if for my church as a college group director. Any driving I do while on the job at the church is reimbursed and no gas expense obviously for working from home. So my old bill was about 300 a month chopped down to about 40. I love it…

  3. Thanks, Sean.

    Regarding the work from home with kids issue, the key lies in the type of work you will be doing and how much flexibility you have as to your actual work schedule. Plenty of moms and dads pull this off. That being said, having the children run wild while you’re taking support calls is a no-n0 for sure. On the other hand, medical transcription and freelance are things I’ve seen accomplished successfully by parents with children in the home. The trick? There isn’t much phone work and the job can easily be accomplished during down time. A close friend of mine is one of the most highly paid people in the freelance industry with several big-name clients. She pulls it off while running a small farm with five young children at home. So it can be done with a bit of discipline and the right type of work. Without the right type of work, it can indeed by quite frustrating, as the first person mentioned.

  4. All these advantages were taken into consideration before I decided to go full-time working at home. Yes, looking after the kids can be stressful while working so I write all my drafts while they are in school so that I can attend to the house chores when they arrive and edit/proofread my articles when they are already in bed. Everything boils down to time management and proper scheduling of tasks.

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