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10 Great Ways to Be Generous on a Budget

Love to be generous with your friends and family? Tired of having the gift giving and “chipping in” budget be out of control when you are scrimping and saving in every other area? It can be hard to have finally carved out the time and money to go have a little fun and have the…Continue Reading

Seven Simple Solutions for the Lazy Gourmet

Love to cook? Looking to take your gourmet kitchen to the next level affordably? Here are six simple solutions for lazy gourmet cooks. Deglazing Don’t feel like scrubbing the sauté pan after cooking those chicken breasts? Take advantage of the flavor opportunity by adding some butter, lemon juice or white wine and a tad of corn starch and water…Continue Reading

Money-Saving Barbecue Menu Ideas

It’s summer. And since we all have to eat anyway, why not incorporate it into our entertainment agenda and have some folks over for a barbecue? Following are several ideas to pull off a successfully hosted event without busting your budget. Combo Kabobs These really are a fun and visually dramatic way to stretch your…Continue Reading

Teamwork Tips From the Television Series “Bones”

Whether you watch it for the intrigue or ongoing relationship drama, one thing about “Bones” is clear — the characters function extremely well as a team. Like any group who solves tough problems together, they’ve developed effective teamwork. They didn’t get there by accident. Having watched the show from the beginning, I’ve observed a thing…Continue Reading

5 Frugal Tips for Perpetually Lazy People

Are you a serious slacker? Does being frugal give you a brain cramp? Here are five ways to save money and time that barely require lifting a finger. Go Modern With your décor that is. The uncluttered look ensures you’ll have to buy less, dust less, and pack less when you need to move. Also,…Continue Reading

Financial Lessons From “Sons of Anarchy”

The gritty bikers in this television series generally have to live within a fairly tight set of financial parameters…parameters some of us could learn from. These savings tips from “Sons of Anarchy” are some of my favorites from the show. 1. Vintage Vehicles Are Very Affordable Older vehicles can be a savvy way to avoid…Continue Reading

6 Strategies for Productive Carpooling

Carpooling is a cost-saving strategy that many try to make work as they navigate to and from their places of employment. While reducing your overall fuel expenses is certainly fab, carpooling also provides those who aren’t driving with two large blocks of daily downtime during the week. Follow these strategies for a more productive carpooling…Continue Reading

Money-Saving Tricks Anyone Can Use

Too frazzled to figure out frugal? Does just getting through the day leave you so depleted that your eyes start to cross at the mere thought of active savings strategies? This article’s for you. Things are way more hectic lately in our household, and we are finding that several of our savings approaches are needing…Continue Reading

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