Should You Start a Business with Your Spouse?

It can seem like a dream come true: Starting a business with the most important person in your life. However, it might not be the best option in all cases. While working with your spouse can be interesting, and even beneficial, some couples may not respond well, long-term, to being in business together. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you decide to start a money making business with your spouse:

  • Are your skills and duties complementary? You should consider whether or not you complement each other. If you are both strong in the same areas, it can lead to a deficiency in some areas. Additionally, if you are both strong in the same skills, it can lead to run-ins between you, since you will be doing similar jobs — and you might have different ways of doing things.
  • How do you handle disagreements right now? It is also important to consider how you handle disagreements now. Every married couple has disagreements, and how you take care of them mean success or failure for your joint business venture. If you disagree in public — especially in front of employees or clients — it can cause confusion and other problems. If you are good at resolving your differences constructively, though, you might be able to run a business together.
  • Can you handle it if one of you is the business leader? Every business needs a leader. If you can’t agree on who will be “in charge,” or if trying to choose a leader is too difficult, it might be not be the best option for you to work together.

Club Business

You will also need to consider what happens if one of you no longer wants to be involved with the business. Think carefully about the impact working together would have on the business, as well as on your relationship. Your joint business venture could get really complex if something happens with your relationship and you divorce. If you have enough complementary skills, and if you are comfortable with the division of labor, it can work out quite well to start a business together. In some cases, though, it might be better to have different businesses.

Starting a Business Together — On Paper

Of course, there are ways to start a business together on paper, without being too involved in sharing the day to day duties associated with managing a business. My business is a LLC. I am the general partner, and my husband is the limited partner. We are in business together, so that I have the advantages of a pass through business organization, but he doesn’t make decisions. However, he was asked to consult, and we were able to use the EIN. Since it’s a freelancing business, my husband can do his own consulting or freelancing, and we don’t have to really work together.

In other cases, your spouse can perhaps sit on a board of advisors for your business. Another option is to have your spouse be a shareholder (although you would probably need to have some sort of separate finances). There are ways to include your spouse in your business without being full partners. Consider what situation might work best for you, and honestly evaluate your ability to be business partners before you make the decision.

4 Responses to Should You Start a Business with Your Spouse?

  1. I think it depends on what sort of business you are starting. I have friends that run a family business for years, very successfully, but starting a new company would make me hesitate a bit, personally.

  2. I think it all depends on the personalities of each person involved. My parents have worked together for 20 years and despite some rough days now and then, they have been able to make it work. For me and my hubby, I think we are better off doing our own thing. I think it is really important to assess personalities before embarking on a business adventure together- you wouldn’t want to get into something you can ‘t get out of or wreck your relationship.

  3. Quite simple but very deep insights that need serious thinking. Truly i find it quite tricky to run a business as a couple especially when it comes to critical decision making issues. Disagreements from the workplace can easily spill over at home and affect very many other areas of your lives either consciously or unconsciously. Even tougher is when the other spouse opts to pull out; this might just spruce up unexplained suspicions. I knw there are couples who have steered businesses together to great heights but i believe this call for ots of soul searching and discipline.

  4. Nice article! Good points to ponder for anyone considering starting a business venture with their spouse. A marriage and a business, both require hard work, dedication, commitment, trust and respect; clearly then, a business depending on a married couple needs a little more of everything!

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