Once you’re done with school you’re going to be thinking about where you should live. Being in your early-20s you can do anything that you pretty much want right now. One important thing to consider is where you plan on living. This will determine your career moves, savings, and everything else that you want to do next.

What are your living options after college? Where can you live?

Stay with your parents.

You can save money by moving back home if this option is available to you. I personally lived in my own place for a year. Then I finally rented this place out so that I could travel more. As a result of this, I had to move back in with my parents. While it’s not the greatest idea if you want to bring dates home, living with your parents will save you plenty of money. I’ve been enjoying saving money this whole time. This isn’t the best option, as it requires sacrifice, but it does pay off in the end.

Move to a random new town.

Being spontaneous is the best part of your 20s. You can move to a new town and start all over again. You can pick a town where you’ll be able to start from scratch. This means that you can find a new job, new friends, new gym, and a overall new routine. This is ideal for those of you that were not happy with life in college or in your old town. A change of scenery can be all that you need to gain momentum.

Move in with friends in town.

If you really want to stay in town, you can move in with friends. Grab a few buddies and find a place together. You’ll save money on rent and enjoy life with your friends. This will be like college all over again.

Go where the money is.

Moving to a city or location where there’s more income opportunities is a solid option. You can’t let your surroundings hold you back. If you can’t find a job in town, then leave. Go where the money is. Go where you can make more money and create a better future for yourself. Don’t let your town hold you back.

Travel for a bit.

If you’re debt free and craving some traveling, you can do this right after college. You can backpack around Europe or look for work abroad opportunities. It’s easier than ever to travel the world these days. Why not create experiences that will last a lifetime?

Those are your options for where you can live after college. What you choose to do should depend on your debt, income, job prospects, and your future plans.


Martin Dasko
Martin Dasko