How To Make Money-30 Ways

Even the best of times, one of the most common questions asked is, “How to make money fast?” While an increase in income can ease the way things work in your personal economy, it won’t necessarily solve all your problems. You will still need a plan for the wise management of your financial resources. Making more money, though, can help you turn things around in some cases, allowing you to pay down debt quicker, build a sizable nest egg, or save up for a family trip.

There are a number of quick ways to make money. There are even ways of making money online, from the comfort of your home. Creativity, planning and hard work can all lead to an increase in income.

How to Make Money Fast (Fast Cash)

Sometimes all you need is a little quick cash. Most the ways to make money quickly won’t actually serve to replace your income, or allow you to make more money to the point where you can quit your day job. However, if you are interested in making more money to pay off debt, or save up for something specific, these ideas can be useful:

  1. how to make money
    You can get paid for your opinions. Many people wonder how you can make money with survey sites, but it really is simple. You join a one or two good sites and complete surveys as you want, often there are qualifying questions and ones you pass those you can earn anywhere from $2-$15+ for a survey. You can do phone surveys, online surveys and even product testing where you get to keep the product often. It’s free to sign up and only takes a few minutes, why not give it a try.
  2. Paid Testing: You can be a paid tester. Medical companies, cosmetics developers and others pay testers to try products and treatments. For some studies, you might have to meet certain requirements. Also, if it is a long study, it may take longer for you to get your money. Look for shorter studies. You can search “paid medical studies” and you will see a list of clinics, testing companies and paid focus group opportunities.
  3. Plasma Donation: Blood plasma is in relatively high demand. One of the great things about plasma donation is that you can go two times in any seven days — so long as you wait at least two days in between. Check with to find centers near you. Can get between $20 and $35 a pint.
  4. Bone Marrow Donation: If you have a couple of days, you can go through the process of bone marrow donation. Depending on how much you give, you can sometimes get up to $450 for a donation. It can be painful, however. Be careful to go to a reputable center.
  5. Sperm Donation: If you are willing to commit to six months, and willing to avoid, um, releasing your sperm except during donation times, you can get up to $40 per donation. This is something only men can do.
  6. Share Your Talents: Those with skill in music can make money by sharing their abilities. If it is allowed, you can set up to entertain at parks. Many towns have farmers’ markets, and you can ask if you can be put on the entertainment schedule. A restaurant in my town allows musicians to come in and play during dinner two or three nights a week. You can make money on donations from those who appreciate your performance.
  7. Recycle: Look around your locality to find out whether or not there are recycling facilities. Many towns still have scrap metal recycling facilities that will pay you by the pound if you bring in metal. Additionally, if you live in a state where you pay a deposit for glass bottles, you can return the bottles for the deposit. Gather up bottles that other have thrown out and return them. Just be aware that it is illegal to do this across state lines.
  8. Odd Jobs: You can usually be paid in cash for odd jobs. If you are knowledgeable about making repairs, yardwork or cleaning homes, you can make some quick cash for such jobs. If you have a truck, you can offer your services hauling away debris.
  9. Serving and Bartending: When I was a waitress, I always had cash in my pocket. If I wanted extra cash, all I needed to do was pick up an extra shift and collect tips. Serving and bartending are two quick ways to make money. And they are jobs that you can do evenings and weekends.
  10. Sell Your Stuff: Hold a yard sale, or sell your things online. Go through what you have, and decide what you can part with. Selling it can provide the means of a small amount of immediate money.
  11. Pawn Your Stuff: If you don’t want to arrange a yard sale, you can pawn your stuff. In some cases, you are getting a loan that you have to pay back if you want your item back. However, if you don’t care about the item, you can simply take the cash and let the pawn shop keep it. Other pawn shops will buy items from you, and then re-sell them at a mark up.
  12. Store Returns: Did you buy something recently? Take it back. You will get full price if it is unused and unopened, and you have a receipt. Even store credit will help if there is something you actually need to buy at the store.
  13. Sell Your Unused Gift Cards: If you have unused gift cards, you can put them up for sale on sites like eBay, Plastic Jungle and others. You won’t get the face value of what’s left on your gift card, but if you won’t be using the card, and you need the cash, this could be a way to get the money you want.
  14. Rent Out Your Driveway: Some people, who live near public transportation or who live near attractions, rent out their driveways — even their yards. Provide parking that is close to a popular location, and do it for less than a commercial lot or parking garage. You can get some quick cash. But you do have to be willing to park a little farther away, or risk having your car blocked into your garage.
  15. Emergency Assistance: It’s not exactly like getting cash, but it can help. If you are in dire straits, you can check with the local food pantry, or speak with a representative of the clergy at your church. You might find that you can get free groceries, or even assistance paying some bills. This will free up cash for other uses.

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  1. I know some people who rent out their driveway. It happens when there is a big event nearby and parking is hard to come by. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, he earns a few extra dollars. This is one of those location things.

  2. Miranda,

    I got a chuckle when I read the part about sperm donation where you said “This is something only men can do.” Thanks for clarifying before someone asked… because you know someone would. 🙂


    • yeah the thing is i’ve seen some of those things and they really are specific. they want the guys to be certain look, certain age, etc. etc. they want to know everything about your family history and i think it looks like you could make several thousand with right organization. supposedly they have women who will buy. i saw on CL once

  3. bone marrow, sperm, plasma?

    if you are so broke you have to resort to doing this, that is bad. no way in the world will I ever sell or donate these 3 items. IF I am that broke I’ll stand on a corner with a cup in my hand begging first.

    • this is exactly whats wrong with americans. instead of donating plasma or bone marrow for money why dont you do it to HELP other people who need it. ignorance and money drive america. its sad.

    • If you’re so broke that you have to resort to BEGGING other people for their hard earned money, THAT is bad. Donating your bodily resources not only puts money in your pocket, but potentially saves a life. Much more respectable then begging for crack change.

  4. Thanks for your time for the tips and tricks presented on how to get money on-line making use of not only google adsense and advertising and marketing but getting resolution to sturborn difficulty of willing buyers in form of suggestions/content.
    And also the significance of developing a list of people with these types of troubles expecting and willing to change hard earned cash for a remedy to there dilemma.

  5. You’ve put a great list together here.

    Out of curiosity, how much traffic does it take you on average to generate $100 of Adsense revenue?

  6. Paid testing and body fluid donation just seem like horrible ideas. I like your passive investing ideas much better. Maybe write an article only about those.

  7. Renting out the driveway is a great idea depending on your location. I happen to live in a town with a NFL stadium and know families who make serious cash during the season allowing people to park in their driveway and on the lawn. Unfortunately, I don’t live in that neighborhood.

    I also have a cousin who lives near EAA in Oshkosh, WI and makes about $1,500 each summer renting out her house for the event. She and her husband simply live at one of the in-laws for the week.

  8. I think Ebay is the best way for now besides Amazon Endless. But to do business using Ebay selling takes patience and consistency

  9. I was surprised that it was not sugessted that a person could sell his time to visit and or help the erlderly. Bdlieve an extra hand once in awhile is great!

  10. One thing is that often one of the most frequent incentives for making use of your credit card is a cash-back or even rebate supply. Generally, you will get 1-5% back for various acquisitions. Depending on the cards, you may get 1% again on most purchases, and 5% again on purchases made from convenience stores, gasoline stations, grocery stores and ‘member merchants’.

  11. Selling other stuff and earning commission income is one best way to earn more money. But if we do have stuff to sell in our backyard or talents we can provide to other people, that will give us not only commission, but pure income.

  12. As for the article — you can get royalties from books, be a financial planner, sell your bone marrow — it was simply an inventory of the obvious, with no follow-up. How do I become a financial planner? Get the right certifications and licenses. Oh, OK.

  13. I have access to hundreds of Construction products that are made in Toronto and am thinking of starting an EBay Store.
    In the selection of products I have Grab bars.
    Does any one know,if you have an Image and description of the Grabbar in your ebay store and someone was looking for a Grabar ,would the store image and description show when the Ebay shopper searches Grabbars? Or do you have Post the grab bar in order for a visitor to see the grabbar?

  14. Nice and clever ways to make money online. Blackhat technics are so bad and only for short-story. Plus, not ethic. But this is celever way to make money. Thanks.

  15. I do not know wether anybody want to earn on his sperm… I’d like to get some cash just for participating in surveys.

  16. Jenna, you are funny. As for eBay, it’s amazing how much people will bid on items you regard as garbage. My wife once listed a g*d-awful bottle opener in the shape of an Hawaiian dancer, minus one breast. It went for over $200. A pair of drunken turkeys (pepper and salt) netted her $155. These were destined for the Sally Ann, where thery would have likely sold for $3.

  17. I’ve tried a few on the list…and out of the list, I would have to say that tutoring would be the easiest to start (with the least amount of skillsets). I did that part time after recently graduating college. You don’t really need anymore knowledge than you already have to start tutoring. If you don’t have any specialized skills, stick to the 7-11 year olds. You can simply start by placing a really good copy on Craigslist. I got all my business via CL. However, tutoring does take time though if you have to travel throughout the city to do it.

  18. The photographer idea is a really good way to earn money because I am a pretty good photographer

  19. It’s really hard to make money in ways other that getting down and dirty. But while I said it’s hard it isn’t impossible. I occasionally like looking up free things on craigslist and fixing/ or upgrading them then selling them on craigslist or eBay. And also to make money you should save money, whether it be by giving some luxuries up or finding a cheaper way to enjoy them.

  20. Donating sperm is like selling your children. Why would someone do that? I think its only accepted able if you truly do not care that there will be a chance that your offspring will be out there in the world or you are donating to a friend in need and know your child will be in good hands. The same goes for egg donation which pays a lot more than sperm donation.

  21. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

    Get it together people…do we really need so many folks whining about the sperm donation option? Seriously, it is not like this is something new. What may not work for you may work just fine for someone else.

  22. making $30/day from one blog, its great! Can you provide some info? I really need money… Plz.

  23. where do i go to donate bone marrow for 3 grand ? how do i know which place is reputable ? and to see if i qualify.

  24. I just started using swagbucks because I read about it online, different bloggers had researched it to make sure it wasn’t a scam and since it sounded like something worth trying, I started today and am already halfway to a 20$ giftcard 🙂 try it’s completely free and you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.

  25. These are some great ideas. There are so many different ways to make money out there. All each of them take is a little time and effort. I think if a person wanted to make money from home without leaving online methods are the obvious choices. Though there are plenty of offline methods as well. I know on my blog I go over many in detail. Great post. Keep up the great work.

  26. Hey Miranda,

    Great tips! I really like the ideas of freelancing, lodging and getting royalties on books. I personally make most of my income right now from lodging and book royalties from my websites. Thanks and keep up the good work!


  27. Wow it looks like there are ways to make money if one has the time and the right tools. We all need it. Some of the comments are very informative and the links are quit interesting as well. I truly believe that they do work (making money on line)however it does take alot of time and patience. I tried this link which is as good as some of the others. It all comes down to the same thing. “How badly do you want it.”

  28. Definitively open an eBay store. A great way to make some quick money. But above all, start yourself a home business and always polish your marketing techniques.

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