We all need a bit of cash on the side to pay the bills, or buy another pair of skinny jeans. Cash is something we can never get too much of, and luckily for you, there are several simple enough ways to make extra money.

Try Freelancing

There are a huge number of sites on the web dedicated to freelance job postings. Are you good at expressing yourself and have a way with words? Try freelance writing. Are you more of an artistic type? Get together a portfolio and try out freelancing as a graphic designer. Have a bit of programming background? Become a freelance programmer. The list of possibilities is endless, and with the right attitude, you will be able to hook up your first client in no time.

Become a Tutor

Make use of all that knowledge gained in school and earn cash while you at it. Parents all over the place are constantly looking for tutors to help their children succeed. If you have a subject in school that you were especially good at, better than most other students, then give tutoring a try. If you don’t have time or you just don’t want to go house to house providing your tutoring services, then tutor online.

Start a Blog

Blogging is a simple, but effective way of making money online. Choose an area of expertise in which your blog will be tailored around and get blogging. Affiliate sites pay good money when purchases are done through referral from your blog site. Search out the best affiliates, and include a link or banner ad on your site. There are numerous blog management sites out there to choose from, most popular of which are WordPress and Blogger.

Get into Babysitting

One thing is for sure, there will never be a shortage of babies! If you love kids, and need some extra cash, why not offer to babysit your neighbor’s kids. Spread the word around the neighborhood about your babysitting services, and watch the calls flood in. Just be willing to babysit on the weekends, as this is usually when parents really need a sitter so that they can go for a night out.

Fix Computers

I had a friend who had a knack for fixing computers, and made big bucks on the side with this neat gig. These days you will find a computer in every household, and occasionally, these machines play up. Be the go to person for computer support in your neighborhood, as people will clamor to get their computers fixed for a fraction of the cost rather then take their computers to professional services that charge an arm and a leg.

Be a Mystery Shopper

If you love shopping, then this is for you. Companies pay to have people test out their customer service and other touch point areas. Sign up to be a mystery shopper online, and you will be given a schedule and outline of requirements. Just follow these, and provide your feedback when done.

Try these tips, put in the effort, and watch the cash roll in!

If you need extra cash and can’t cut anything else out of your budget? Instead, try some of these ways to make extra cash!