Not that all BMW drivers are jerks...

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The idea for this post percolated after reading a post over at Studenomics about how important getting laid is (okay, I know it sounds bad but it’s actually very interesting, tastefully done, and really, touches on important personal finance principles. Come on, we’re all adults here right?)

The Beamer Jerk

So we’ve all seen the guy driving a brand-new BMW convertible in his Gucci suit, with his Italian leather briefcase sitting in the passenger seat and a bottle full of gel on his head, hair all slicked back like a shiny black helmet. He’s usually on his cell phone.
This is the kind of guy that typically yells at a 90-year-old woman for crossing the street too slowly, preventing him from tearing off in his BMW. Even though the light is still red.
Despite this guy’s obvious money, most of us would find the aspect of hanging out with this guy an unattractive one at best (unless maybe he was buying us stuff. Lots of big, expensive stuffs). But is this guy actually unattractive? Basically what I’m getting at here is whether or not someone’s attitude towards money effects their attractiveness.


Here’s how I see it: the guy described above is a jerk.  He’s not a jerk for having money or success however, unless he came by that money and success in illegal or questionable ways. Instead, he’s a jerk because he doesn’t carry himself in a humble way. He chooses to flagrantly broadcast the fact that he’s rich at every turn, and because of that believes himself to be better than others. It’s one thing to be proud of your accomplishments, it’s another thing entirely to be arrogant.


Our BMW guy would never shop at Wal-Mart. Nor would he shop at some of the stores that the majority of us consider to be fairly swanky. Nope, nothing but the best for this guy. If he’s got the money, and even if he doesn’t (credit cards), he buys only the best. Now, I’m certainly not against buying fancy stuff every  now and again, but this guy probably looks down on domestic bottled water, believing that the only bottled water worthy of his stomach is some imported 199% pure rare spring water from Rome. Come on, really? It’s one thing to make a lot of money and buy nice things. It’s another thing entirely to believe that you always deserve the best, all the time, no matter how trivial of a thing it is.


Mr. Gucci suit man would never spare a dime for a roaming band of dirty, starving children living on the streets (Oliver Twist suddenly came to mind…), let alone donate to a charity. Now I’m certainly not saying that he should donate just because he can, and that it’s his duty to do so or anything (read my Atlas Shrugged post, you’ll see that’s not me at all). But when faced with the opportunity to really help someone out, and I mean really help them out, as in aiding them in helping themselves, and giving them a financial push in the right direction, this guy wouldn’t even consider doing so. It’s one thing to not give money to someone who will just turn right back around and perpetuate their bad habits with it. It’s another thing entirely to be completely cold-hearted and uncaring, especially when you have the means to help.


I’m going to take a wild guess and assume this imported water guy is single. Not because he’s a jerk (high school, cable television, and life in general prove jerks still get girls), but because he chooses to be. He probably didn’t spend his youth wondering how to be a social worker, or taking mission trips to Brazil with his neighborhood church group, because he was busy talking military strategy with his various GI Joe figurines. He later grew up to be an even busier man, focused on his wallet, and the showy new things it can buy. Having to support a family is something that’s not on this guy’s schedule. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with choosing to be single, but one day, after this guy’s prime has come and gone, and he’s pushed everyone away with his crappy behavior, he may look back on his life and realize he has nothing but his money. I for one want tons of loving family at my funeral.
So there’s just 4 areas that someone with lots of money can be a jerk in. I have a feeling though that even without his money, this guy would still be a jerk.

What Do You Think?

Whatcha think? Ladies, what financial traits about a guy make him more or less attractive? Guys, does the way a woman handle her money influence how interested you are? Does the amount of money a man or woman makes change things? Let me know what you think!

Jake Evans

Jake Evans