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This is the fourth entry in the ongoing 52-Week Prosperity Plan. Each week has its own different concept for readers to concentrate on, in an attempt to open one’s mind to new thoughts, ideas, and perspectives. For more information on the 52-Week Prosperity Project, including tips on how to stay focused, read the introduction to the plan. For past entries in the series, click here.

Ever notice how our society likes to point out everyone's weak spots, but never tells people to simply develop their strengths? That's like telling superman to acclimate himself to kryptonite instead of using his super-strength to bash the bad guys heads in.  


Little Hypothetical Johnny


Think about it, if little Johnny is having difficulty in math class, what are his parents going to do? Make him focus on math, that's what. Now I know on a practical level Johnny needs to at least pass his math class, but consider that all of the time invested into bringing his math skills up to par may only result in Johnny gaining average math skills at best. His aptitude for math just isn't there.

There's more to Johnny than average math skills however; what we miss in this little story is the fact that Johnny actually has the aptitude to become a violin-playing child prodigy. His school music teacher already had to put him in with the older violin players, it takes him all of 20 seconds to memorize a song he's never played before, and he makes his mother weep with pride whenever she hears him practicing in his bedroom.

Take half the time that Johnny puts into developing average math skills and invest that into his violin practice, and Johnny could be set for life.

What would really be a shame here is if the focus was so heavily put on math, on his weakness, that Johnny lost the opportunity to play the violin, and his strength laid dormant, never to be developed again.

What Are Your Strengths?

In fact, we may be so used to paying more attention to our weaknesses rather than our strengths that we may have trouble even deciphering exactly what our strengths are.

Well not this week, this week it's your job to take off the blinders, think about where your strengths lie, what you're really good at, and use those strengths to the absolute best of your ability. Don't even be concerned with that area of weakness that's always been your downfall, simply concentrate on using your strengths as much as you possibly can.

You'll probably be surprised where that will get you in just one little week.

Tips to stay focused on the week’s concept:

1. Write the week’s concept down on a post-it or a scrap piece of paper and post it somewhere you will see it on a daily basis, such as your fridge, the bathroom mirror, or even the dashboard of your car (people who ride with you think it’s weird, but it works!). The point is to be reminded of the theme often throughout the day.

2. Each night before bed, brainstorm two or three ways to apply the week’s theme, and jot them down in a notebook, in your planner, or E-Mail them to your office E-mail address. Then, actually apply them the next day.

3. In the morning before your day begins, take a moment to think about the weekly concept and how you will apply it throughout your day.

4. Every night, reflect on how you actually implemented the weekly concept and how it has positively changed your way of thinking or behavior.

5. During lunch or sometime half-way through your day, take a moment to sit in a quiet place and re-commit, reminding yourself to view the rest of the day through the lens of the concept of the week.

Jake Evans

Jake Evans