Good Morning Everyone.  I hope that you all had a great weekend.  This weekend I wanted to go and see the new movie Contagion but I didn’t get a chance to; maybe next weekend.  Today we are discussing one of my favourite college subjects, today in our Ultimate Success Tips for College Students series we are discussing the pros and cons of taking Online Courses in College.  I am not going to lie, I was really excited when I saw that Online College Courses was our topic today because I am (still) thankful that I had the opportunity to enroll in Online Courses in College.

I really appreciated the option to enroll in Online Courses in College for two reasons; the first reason is that I live in the snowy Northeast and I really hate the cold winters, so any chance that I have to stay inside I am definitely going to take it.  The  second reason why I really love Online Courses is that I can work at my own pace and there are no brown nosing students asking questions and trying to suck up to the Professor.  I don’t know about you, but I work a lot more efficiently when I am not under time pressure.  I also really hate those college students who think they know more than the Professor and who ask so many questions that it makes the class go over the scheduled time.


Online College Course Tips

When I was in College I tried to enroll in at least one Online Course per semester.  Unfortunately this was only an option in my last two years of college because the Online Course offering back in the days was pretty scarce.  I enjoyed taking a lot of elective courses online such as Introduction to Political Science and the United Nations as well as The Methodology of Organized Crime.  I really enjoyed  learning at a distance  and I particularly loved the format of the Political Science United Nations Course.  Every student had to choose a country that was represented in the United Nations.   Each week the Professor would post a Topic for discussion and we had to interact with each other on a forum to discuss our countries point of view.  The final exam for this course was an In Class Exam which kind of sucked, but nevertheless I really liked taking the course.

I also enrolled in compulsory Online College Courses such as Introduction to Personal Finance and an Introduction to Computer Applications Course.  These were more technical courses that required the use of software and applications, this is (probably) why they were offered Online.  When I found out that both of  these courses also offered their Final Exam Online I remember thinking “That’s Great!”  However, when the time came for the Final Exam we had 1.5 hours to write the exam and there was a clock in the top left hand corner of the screen that counted down the time for us.  Needless to say this was very stressful.


Distance Education Success

The course material in Online College Courses is not easier, it’s just easier to learn at our own pace.  Online Courses come with a syllabus and therefore it is easy to set a weekly plan to make sure that we don’t slack off and fall behind.  I always advise college students to enroll in Online Courses in College because it’s easy to get the work done and it really helps increase our GPA; it is definitely easier to learn in a relaxed environment. Enrolling in Online Courses allows us to spent more time studying when we don’t have to waste time commuting to and from our College campus.

Enrolling in an Online Course allows us to receive our education at a distance and therefore allows us more flexibility in our daily schedules.  When I was taking Online Courses in College I was able to pick up more hours at Work and still get my school work done.  This really helped my time management and my budget!

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Tahnya Kristina

Tahnya Kristina

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