Good Morning Everyone. Today is the second post in our new Ultimate Success Tips for College Students series.  Hopefully all of our college friends are now settled into their new apartments and dorm rooms.  Some of us have to work during college because we need money for tuition, rent, books, and food.  Some of us may choose to work part time during college as a way to earn some extra money, take a break from the books, gain work experience, and make some new friends.  Regardless of the reason why we may have to or choose to work the task of having to  balance both work and college can be very difficult.


Working In College

I worked during all four years of my College Undergraduate Bachelor’s degree, and I continued working even when I went back to college for my second degree.  I enjoyed working during college because I made some great friends, but both my social life and my grades suffered.  Although now that I look back on it I wouldn’t change it for the world.   Working during college helps us learn many valuable skills that we may not even realize we are gaining.  Trying to manage college classes and school work with a work schedule helps us learn responsibility, time management and organizational skills.  I always say that if I can go to school full time and work two part time jobs, I can do anything; and I honestly think this is true.  I never want to miss out on an opportunity just because I don’t have time.  I will make time!

If I ever have children I will make sure that they also work during college.  I obviously don’t want to see my (non existent) children run themselves into the ground during college like I had to, but they will definitely work during college in order to learn the value of money.  Most people dread graduation because they will be forced into the workforce full time, and they will loose valuable personal time.  I looked forward to graduation because I would actually be gaining time, working only one full time job and not having to think about school was something that I looked forward to.

Working during college should be a necessity for living costs and personal spending.  College students should not try to save money during college.  Trying to balance both a work schedule and a college schedule plus trying to save money may be more pressure than students can handle.


Jobs for Students

If you decide to work in college there are many jobs available for students; and sometimes we don’t even have to leave our college campus.  Working in college allows us to gain work experience.  Even if we work in retail or the food services industry during college we are gaining valuable life skills such as learning to work in a team as well as multi tasking skills.  Many jobs require us to have people skills and having work experience, any kind of work experience, allows us to learn how to professionally interact with people.

Many companies offer jobs for students.  Before you start your job search on your own check with your Student Services Center and your College Program Faculty for any job leads.  The Student Services Center may have a job board or a list of on campus jobs that are available for students.  Your Program Faculty may know of jobs off campus with companies who specialize in your field of study.  This is definitely the more valuable option because the pay may be higher and you will be gaining work experience in your field of study.  Working for a company in your field of study may also guarantee that you have a job already lined up after graduation.


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