by a.b.

Mr. B and I were in desperate need of entertainment today. We’ve watched every DVD we own 10,000,000 times, and the Netflix DVDs were in transit. So I drove on over to Hollywood Video. Just to be clear, I do not rent movies from Hollywood Video or Blockbuster, and Redbox only on rare occasions. Why? Because I am movie returning incompetent. It’s cheaper for me to purchase DVDs than it is for me to rent them with late fees.

Every so often, Hollywood Video runs ridiculously awesome sales on their Previously Viewed movies. Today was buy 2, get 2 free. Not ridiculously awesome, but so much better than retail. As I checked out with our new (to us) entertainment, the customer service agent reminded me to keep my receipt, as they offer a lifetime warranty on my purchase.

I love lifetime warranties! My kitchen knives have the same privilege, so when a blade broke, I took it to the manufacturer’s warehouse and they replaced it for me. I had a friend who used to go to garage sales looking for “broken” tools that she knew carried lifetime warranties. She’d buy it for a song, then trade it in for a brand new version.

Sometimes you may have to fill out a warranty card, or something similar, and many companies will only allow you to replace an item once, but it’s still worth it.