One of the hardest things about paying down debt is feeling as though you are alone. For many, there is still a stigma attached to debt, and it’s hard to tell those around you that you are in debt — and trying to pay it down. The result is that sometimes you feel like an outsider around your friends and family as you try to find the motivation to stick with your plan to pay down your debt.

Enter The Debt Movement.

This is a lifestyle movement promoted by Jeff Rose from Good Financial Cents. He has partnered with debt pay down site ReadyForZero to track the efforts of hundreds of people to pay down $10 million in debt over the course of 30 days. The great thing about The Debt Movement, though, is that it’s about fostering a sense of community and providing you with the motivation you need to bring your debt reduction efforts up a notch.

Take Control of Your Debt

Now is a great time to take control of your debt. Instead of letting debt sit there and continue to grow (and sap your wealth away through interest payments), you can take control and super-charge your efforts to reduce your debt. You’re pumped up because it’s a new year, and The Debt Movement can provide you with a community of supportive people who know what you are going through.

You can sign up to join The Debt Movement until the end of January 2013. As part of the movement, you can join ReadyForZero for free and get a personalized debt reduction plan. Then, as you pay down your debts, you can track your progress. (It’s also possible to pay $4.99 a month for additional services from ReadyForZero, including the ability to make debt payments on all your debts from your centralized dashboard.)

As you watch your debt pay down progress, you are more likely to be motivated to continue your efforts to pay down debt, staying on top of things and making even more progress going forward. The Debt Movement also provides educational resources, as well as points out other programs that can help you pay down your debt. And, finally, The Debt Movement has been raising money through sponsors for debt scholarships to help some participants pay down their debt even faster.

Support is Important When Paying Down Debt

A good support system is essential when you are trying to pay down debt. Your debt pay down support system can help you stay on track, and add an element of accountability to your efforts. Your best efforts are going to come from your friends and family. However, it can also help to connect to a wider community. The Debt Movement can be a great way to find support, encouragement, and help as you pay down your debt.

Make the effort to put together a debt pay down plan. Your debt is likely holding you back on a number of levels, from financial to personal. Use The Debt Movement to kickstart your efforts this year, and you might finally create the success you want.



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