Although there are a variety of things that individuals can do to solve financial problems or ensure that they have a strong financial future, making investments or changing careers can be particularly effective. If you are thinking about making investments or changing your career in order to improve your wealth, here are several options to consider:

1. The Health And Wellness Industry

Wealthy-ThinkingIndividuals who are interested in making a career change to generate extra income should strongly consider entering the health and wellness industry. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that the job outlook for careers in this industry exceeds the national average for occupations. Additionally, working in the health and wellness industry affords individuals the opportunity to gain more information and experience regarding how to improve their own health while offering others similar services. There are a plethora of different vocations within the health and wellness industry that you could pursue, including that of a massage therapist. Generally, becoming a massage therapist is relatively easy, requiring that you have a high school diploma and complete a postsecondary education program consisting of 500 or more hours of study. Not to mention the tools required to perform this profession can be reasonably priced as well, sites like Massage Table Outlet offer discounted prices for the up and coming massage therapist. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that massage therapists can expect to earn about $35,970 annually.

2. Money Markets

Individuals who are interested in investing for the purpose of ensuring financial security and freedom, but have extremely low risk tolerance and require a capital guarantee, should consider low-risk options. While there are several, two that you should definitely consider include money markets and CDs. Money markets are a component of financial markets in which financial instruments that have very short maturities and high liquidity can be traded. Participants use money market for lending and borrowing in the short term (which can be anywhere from a few days to just under one year). Money market accounts function like savings accounts in which participants can earn money by collecting interest on their balance. The value of investing in money markets is that the interest collected on them is generally higher than what one could garner from a traditional savings account. [Also see Investing vs. Saving]

3. Writing

As a result of the technological changes that have been and continue to transpire in our contemporary society, pursuing a career in writing can be economically lucrative. For example, individuals who have begun blogging in order to develop an additional stream of income can earn six figures annually when they work consistently and produce content that is interesting and informative. Additionally, individuals who opt to pursue careers as technical writers can expect to earn about $65,500 annually. The job outlook for this career is 15%, which is faster than the national average. [Also see 5 Great Freelance Careers that Might Surprise You]

4. CDs (Certificate of Deposits)

Individuals who are interested in making investments with relatively low risks may want to think about CDs. This type of investment involves using money that you won’t need for several months or years to purchase a CD. At the end of the term or “duration,” the CD will have collected interest, which translates into your personal profit. CDs are a very safe way to generate a substantive amount of money, yet they are still considered a low-return type of investment.


If you are thinking about using investments or a career change as a vehicle through which to attain personal or professional success, you should know that there are a plethora of ways for you to accomplish this objective. By considering any or all of the options listed above, you can begin developing the financial wealth and freedom that helps you lead a more productive, positive life.



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