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In order to grow and develop personally, attention needs to be paid to the areas in life that need developing. Unfortunately it’s sometimes hard to keep concentrating on one thing until you’ve mastered it without a plan.

Enter the 52-Week Prosperity Plan

What I’ve done is map out 52 different concepts aimed at improving your life, one for every week of the year. These concepts will challenge the way you think and the way you view the world, those around you, and most importantly, how you view yourself. In the process, you’ll become a more successful, productive, and all-around better person.

How it Works

Every Sunday I will post the concept for the week. It’ll then be your job to apply that concept to all aspects of your life, from work to family to friends. The more you focus on the given concept, the more you’ll notice yourself thinking and seeing things in a very different light.

Essentially you’ll be performing your own Harvard-type experiment as described in my previous post, Powerful Pieces of Paper.

I’ll also be participating in the plan right along with you, and I’ll be taking notes along the way as to how the concepts have changed my way of thinking and behavior. Then, on Sundays, I’ll post those notes and share my thoughts on that week’s concept with all of you.

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Tips to stay focused:

Several simple things can be done to keep your concentration on the theme of the week, including:

1.       Write the week’s concept down on a post-it or a scrap piece of paper and post it somewhere you will see it on a daily basis, such as your fridge, the bathroom mirror, or even the dashboard of your car (people who ride with you think it’s weird, but it works!). The point is to be reminded of the theme often throughout the day.

2.       Each night before bed, brainstorm two or three ways to apply the week’s theme, and jot them down in a notebook, in your planner, or E-Mail them to your office E-mail address. Then, actually apply them the next day.

3.       In the morning before your day begins, take a moment to think about the weekly concept and how you will apply it throughout your day.

4.       Every night, reflect on how you actually implemented the weekly concept and how it has positively changed your way of thinking or behavior.

5.       During lunch or sometime half-way through your day, take a moment to sit in a quiet place and re-commit, reminding yourself to view the rest of the day through the lens of the concept of the week.

If all goes well, this may even become the basis for a written compilation of posts (okay I’ll just go ahead and say it- a book), so good luck to everyone who decides to participate and really put these 52 concepts into practice.

Jake Evans

Jake Evans