Having the raw facts and figures in front of you is sometimes all it takes to get your financial house in order. For such times, nothing beats the convenience of a online calculators. They’re available 24/7, there’s no line to wait in, and they don’t cost a thing. Even if you can do the math yourself (and you ought to be able to) and prefer to do it yourself, that doesn’t mean you can’t double check your calculations.

While they aren’t going to lead you on the path to finding out how to become a millionaire, the following five calculators are certain to help you manage what money you have a little more wisely:

Savings Calculator

This incredibly simple online calculator instantly figures how much you’d accumulate in savings over a certain amount of time with a certain consistent interest rate. It’s especially useful for quickly putting together a basic CD ladder strategy.

Fuel Economy Comparison Calculator

With gas prices headed toward $5.00 a gallon in the U.S., hardly anybody can afford to shop around for a new vehicle without taking fuel economy into consideration. Use this fuel economy finder to put possible vehicle purchases side-by-side in terms of long-term cost-effectiveness.

Credit Card Repayment Calculator

It’s reckless to blindly make your monthly credit card payments without factoring how much interest you’re going to pay in the long run because of it. Determine the proper monthly payment with a credit card calculator to avoid throwing money away.

Retirement Planning Calculator

Have you checked to see whether or not you could generate more for retirement by switching plans but still putting the same amount away monthly? It could be a real possibility, and a highly-rated retirement planning calculator is sure to show you the way.

Home Energy Savings Calculator

Americans on average allow over half the energy we consume to be wasted. This is due to lazy home habits and inefficient setups. An online calculator such as the Home Energy Saver incorporates data about all aspects of your home and habits to produce a customized list of ways you can reduce waste, maximize sustainability, and ultimately save money.

There’s no doubting your ability to figure out these multilateral and long-term calculations yourself. But why let online calculators do the work for you, or at least allow them to serve as a second opinion? As far as finding ways to better manage your money, it doesn’t get any better than a free service available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



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