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So my business trip was a success, and guess what? Not only did I get a lot done the day before I left, but I got a lot done during my trip, each and every day I was gone.

This is because I focused on living each day as if it was the day right before leaving for my trip, like I wrote about in my post titled Prosperity Plan #4: I'm Going On a Trip!

The typical day while I was in DC involved waking up around 7 or 7:30 AM, showering, getting downstairs for breakfast (all you can eat breakfast bar every morning… I ate like a king), and attending our training from around 9 am to 3 pm.

This was the required part of the day, the part we had no control over, but afterwards, instead of simply going back to the hotel room, gorging myself on the free dinners there every evening, and then passing out in front of the TV (which was quite tempting due to the fact that I don't have cable at home), I pretended like I was leaving the next day and had to get things done.

I went to the gym every day I was there after the training. I worked on this blog every day, not necessarily writing content, but answering E-mails and collaborating.

When I wasn't doing this stuff I was out sight-seeing, checking out the Library of Congress, the White House, Arlington National Cemetery, and other notable sights in the area.

Heck, I even found time to get about 2 hours outside of DC to see some family at a wine festival.

I have to admit, I think it was easier to stay motivated and busy because I was in a new environment that I hadn't had time to get bored with yet, but the principle remains the same, that being that if you act as if you don't have all the time in the world, suddenly you're able to get a whole lot more done in a much, much smaller amount of time.

Also, one surprising thing occurred to me during my trip.

I not only began to get more tangible things done throughout my days, but my new way of thinking also threw into light how important (or not important), certain relationships with certain people in my life are.

I almost began to feel as if I didn't have time for those in my life that cause me more stress than enjoyment, and that I don't receive any quality mutual interaction from. Likewise, the relationships that I really do care about and want to foster and grow more seemed to take center stage more than usual, like the relationship between me and my family.

This is why I'm really enjoying this 52-Week Prosperity Plan thing, because more often than not, I discover something additional throughout the week than I ever intended to.

Jake Evans

Jake Evans