Okay, in all fairness, we’re damn impressive. I’ve been so busy being peeved about my upcoming highly likely unemployment, and some of our expenditures that I’ve forgotten to be proud of what we’ve done, so much of it I’ve forgotten to share.

1. Sold the SUV. I was underwater on my auto loan for my SUV. I had the opportunity to move my rip-off 10.9% credit union auto loan to a 0% interest credit card, and I did. Some people may think it was the wrong decision. They didn’t have to deal with my c.u. that stopped sending me statements and then charged me because they “couldn’t contact me” and weren’t “allowed to call me or e-mail to tell me that.” The peace of mind I get for not having to deal with the c.u. is way worth it. After the lien was released we decided to sell the SUV. Between gas mileage, upcoming repairs, and trying to parallel park it downtown, it was a weight lifted. Not necessarily a financial weight because of the underwater issues, but, I take what I can get.

2. Bought the most expensive frugal car ever. Instead of paying off the credit card, we decided to use the money from the sale to buy my husband his dream car. It’s a ’69 510 Datsun wagon. It’s my dream car too because it came with enough spare parts to build almost an entirely new 510, he can work on it himself, and our insurance has dropped by 40%. Seriously. For a BARGAIN price. Now that my husband’s looking at engine swaps, I know this isn’t going to be as frugal as I thought it was, but he’s so sexy in his goon, and the smile on his face makes it worth it. We put the remaining bucks in savings.

3. Opening my own business. I talked about the debate I had about how to start my business. I signed papers on a commercial space in the beginning of June. I love it, with great big windows in an artist’s cooperative. Our family and friends are so supportive (as usual the people around me have more faith in me than I do in myself) and are promising to shower me with referrals. I’m offering bribes to cement their promises. The paint is done, the flooring’s almost complete and I’m ready to get moving. I’m also looking for someone to sublet the space which will cut my rent in half. Boo-Yeah!

4. The Awesome Slash & Burn. My husband and I reviewed our expenses and even though we’re losing my income, we should be able to make it on my husband’s income. I’ll just need to cover my business expenses, and everything over and above goes to paying off debt. If need be, I have an employment back-up plan, and I might even just get off my a$$ with my writing. I’m looking at this as a partial blessing. The more we get used to (and comfortable) with living on (even) less, the easier it will be to pay off debt when our income increases.

5. Running the numbers. After reading the Total Money Makeover, (God help me) I’ve put everything on paper for my husband to be able to look at. I want him to know where we are spending our money each month. Now, we’ll have a running tally to know the progress we’re making on debt, and we’ll be on the same page.

6. Setting goals. I’ve talked about the importance of setting goals instead of resolutions, so I’ve set the following:
1. Cover all business expenses regularly within three months. (Optimal: Expenses+$500)
2. Post at least three times a week. (Optimal: Participate in 2-3 Carnivals/month)
3. Pay off half of credit card debt within one year. (Optimal: Pay off all credit card debt within one year.)
4. Be more honest in my writing. I’m not dishonest, but I’d like to put more of me into my blog. Honestly, it just hasn’t been cantankerous enough when goodness knows I have been.
5. Create a side hustle within three months. (Optimal: Finish the three I’ve started.)

Thanks for letting me toot my (and Mr.’s) horn. How have you been impressive recently?