Doing what you love and actually enjoying your career doesn’t have to be a far fetched dream. If you are devoted, make a plan, and put in a lot of effort, it can easily be a reality.

Where to start

Most of us don’t have the luxury of simply quitting our jobs to fulfill our dreams. But it doesn’t mean you can’t still pursue your passion and even get paid from it. You just need to go about it a different way to begin. Here are four simple ways to start:

1. Network.

Start out by finding out how people with your same passion are making money with it. Whatever you’re starting to pursue, let it be known. Create a website, LinkedIn account, Facebook page, or whatever other type of networking devise is suitable. Make business cards, and attend any type of events that could score you work.

2. Get a part-time job.

Since you probably can’t quit your job, get a part-time job that fits your schedule. If your passion is cooking, start out small with a part-time job at a restaurant or gourmet grocery store.

3. Volunteer.

Besides helping those who need it, volunteering is a great way to build up a resume, gain experience, and make valuable contacts in whatever industry you’re wanting to make money with. If you’re an artist, volunteer to help paint at a local school or teach a class at a hospital.

4. Take a class.

If you want to increase your knowledge of your passion, take a class offered at a community college. If you’ve always loved taking pictures, but want to do more with it, learning the craft through a photography class is a great way to get more experience. Plus, you’ll be adding to your resume and networking with others who love what you do.

Common Passions


Whether it’s making blankets, house décor, or scarves, you don’t just have to let your projects sit at your house or use them as gifts. Check out local craft fairs and craft shows. You may have to pay to rent a booth, but if you do well, you can easily make a profit. You can also sell your crafts online through an independent website or with sites like


Start a blog. The profit from blogging may be slow, but it’s something. Pitch publications you read or even better, publications you’d be likely accepted by. Try your alumni magazine or newspaper to start. Writing is a great outlet for other passions as well. Whether your passion is working on cars or making jewelry, make a topical blog to show your interest and expertise in the topic.


Your beautiful photos don’t need to simply sit on your computer. You can start by offering to take photos of weddings and other events. Of course you want to be clear to your client that you are not a professional. They may not mind especially since you’ll cost a lot less than a professional. You can also sell your images on iStockphoto.


After you create a sample CD or website with your work, it’s all about making contacts. Send your work to restaurants and bars that have live music. You can even contact schools, community centers, and local libraries to see if they are interested in lessons or concerts.

How do you make money with your passion? 

Kristen Kuchar

Kristen Kuchar

Kristen Kuchar is a freelance writer and editor who has learned how to save money without giving up a passion for travel, food, and living a fun life. She has written about personal finance for several years and graduated with a degree in Journalism. Follow her on Twitter @KristenKuchar.