Quitting a job is a delicate act – you’re trying to move onto something better without burning bridges at your old employment. If you’re curious about how it can be done, here are some practical tips to help.

Before You Quit Your Job, Set Yourself Up For Success

If you want to make sure you have some sort of financial safety net in place before you quit, start preparing now. You don’t want to be stuck with no job and bills to pay. What can you do to make it work?

  • Get a second job. Working on the side part-time while still working your full time job can keep your finances on track as you make the leap to your next job.
  • Remove the junk. Review all the clutter around your house and see if you can sell your junk and get some decent money to help you when you quite your job.
  • Lower expenses. Before you give your two weeks’ notice, give yourself a test run and start trim unnecessary expenses. Any money saved can be used to help with the job move or with another career goal.
It’s definitely an effort to get more income with your budget and less expenses, but it will increase your chances of success.

How to Resign Painlessly

There are ways you can not burn bridges when you start your new job. When it’s time to let go, make sure you do it with style.

  • Give your two weeks notice. It’s still considered a professional courtesy to give your employer notice that you intend on leaving. Check to see what is the professionally acceptable time frame for your industry.
  • Be positive on your way out. Some employers have exit interviews as part of the process. You may be tempted to completely vent and say exactly what’s on your mind.
  • Keep your network fresh. Don’t just move on to your next job; see if you can keep in touch with your former co-workers. They can be a valuable resource and you can return the favor as well.
Don’t assume that you’ll never work with old coworkers again. You may be surprised at how your career path overlaps with others.

Thoughts on Quitting a Job

Have you quit your job successfully? Are you deciding if it’s time to quit from your current position? Don’t forget to check out our series on making the transition.