You’ve been working hard at your job, going the extra mile and hoping to get recognized. You’ve been working to keep your department shining, but you’re just not getting anywhere. time to quit a job

You have this nagging feeling in your gut that it won’t improve. Is it time for a new job? Should you considering quitting your job and moving on to better work opportunities?

Time to Quit Your Day Job?

Leaving your current job is not an easy decision for many people. You’ve no doubt developed relationships with your coworkers and made some progress with your customers. Jumping ship can be stressful, but there are some ways you ease into that transition.

3 Signs It’s Time to Move On from Your Job

If you’re looking making the leap to a new job, you no doubt want to be sure it’s the right call. To help you out, here are 5 signs that it may be time to leave:

  • Company’s Future Looks Grim: Have you noticed that your company has hit something bigger than a roadblock? Have there been layoffs or restructuring of departments? Keep tabs on your industry’s network to see what the word is about your company’s future? DO you think they can dig out of the mess or is it a symptom of a bigger problem?
  • Managers Ramping Up the Pressure: It’s one thing to help the team out in times of trouble, but you feel like your manager has now become a drill sergeant, keeping you in line – not interested in developing your skills to benefit the company and yourself? Are you under the weight of a quota, either officially or unofficially?
  • No Room to Grow: Do you feel like your job will be exactly the same a year or two from now? Do you want to be able to do something different? I’m not talking about having to always be the center of attention. I’m talking about opportunities for you to take the lead on some projects or clients to gain leadership experience and hone your skills.

As you can see, examining the signs does take time and effort, but it’s really worth it. You can be confident with whatever you decide and pursue another job or become an entrepreneur.

Options for Your Next Step

Before you quit, you should have some idea of what you want to accomplish.

  • Move to another company in the same industry.
  • Keep the same position, but switch industries.
  • Start a new career.
  • Start a small business yourself.

Finding the right move for you involves an honest self assessment.

Thoughts on Quitting a Job

How did you know it was time to quit your job? How did you prepare to make the transition? How successful were you?

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Laura Martinez
Laura Martinez