Burned Out By Your Job? Test Yourself

You may have to do a burn out test to get to the root of your problem. There’s no need to jump ship if you can’t pinpoint what the problem. It’ll just happen again at your new job- figure out what’s wrong and you’ll be much happier with your next position.

  • Am I challenged by my work? If you find that work is mundane and uninspiring, it’ll be hard for you to stay passionate about your work. Ask your boss if you can take on some challenging projects. If they give you some, that may solve your problem. If they refuse, then you probably should prepare your finances to getting a new job.
  • Am I appreciated for the value I add to the company? No one wants to be ignored at work. Next time you speak with your manager point out how you’ve contributed to the company’s bottom line and she how he/she reacts. If your boss is belittling or dismissive of your hard work, then it’s time to move on.
  • Do I get excited to come up with new ideas for my department and company? Does your company encourage feedback from everyone or do they only want to hear from certain people? Work should inspire you, not drain you of your time. Have an honest discussion with your manager to see if the company is the right place for you.

Looking at Your Options

What can you do once you realize you need to move on? Quitting right away might not be viable, but you can find a new job that can help you professionally and fulfill your personal goals. It’ll take work to achieve, but it’s definitely worth it.

  • Stay in the industry, move to another company. Prepare and update your portfolio, resume, and get some cover letters ready.
  • Keep the same position, but switch industries. You may love what you do, but you may be able to expand your network by shifting industries. Ask around and see if you have anyone working in a different industry that know of an opening for your position.
  • Start a new career. If you have the talent and energy, you may want to change up your career and get out of your comfort zone. It’ll be hard work, but you may find it more fulfilling than just switching companies.
  • Start a small business. Entrepreneurship can be a bumpy and profitable road. Do it right by preparing your finances and honing your business skills.

Which move is right for you? Only you can decide for yourself.

Thoughts on Being Burnt Out From Your Job

How did you know it was time to quite from your job? How long did it take for you to realize you were suffering burn out? How did you fix your problem?

Check out the whole series to get an idea of how to navigate your career. Please leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments section.