Are you looking for a new credit card? If you’re in the market for a new piece of plastic, you’re likely debating what you should be looking into. A few common questions usually arise:

  • What are the best credit cards?
  • What should I expect from a credit card?

How can you choose the right credit card for your needs? Let’s look at what you have to ponder during this time:

Look for relevant rewards.

What sort of rewards do you want? I personally like cash back rewards because I often book trips on my credit card and other major expenses. This is why it makes sense in my situation to go after rewards.

In your case you might be interested in totally different rewards. Only you know the answer to this.

One of my friends has to travel for work. He pays the $30 annual fee for a points based card. In return, he often gets a few flights per year. That’s not bad and is totally worth the annual fee.

Another helpful hint is to consider opening a credit card at a store that you shop at frequently. I opened a Walmart credit card because I do most of my groceries there.

Check out bonus offers.

Are there any bonus offers that you’ve seen lately? I signed up for a Walmart credit card because I wanted a good cash back rewards piece of plastic. The bonus was 5% back on in-store purchases. This was enticing to me because I do most of my groceries there.

What bonus will entice you to sign up?

See what your current bank has to offer.

Truth to be told, I signed up for my first credit card with the bank where I had my checking account setup. When I turned 18 I went in to ask about credit card offers. The rep helped me out and my credit card was delivered within a few weeks. It was that simple for me.

What does your current bank offer in terms of different accounts? Is there a credit card right for you?

Compare different offers.

You shouldn’t just sign up for the first credit card offer that you receive in the mail or at the mall. This is like buying the first home you see or marrying the first person you kiss. It works out in some cases, but it makes sense to look out in general.

This is why you need to compare different offers. You don’t want to be stuck with a credit card that has a high interest rate and comes back to bite you in the rear in a few months.

What should you be looking at when comparing credit card offers?

  • Interest rates.
  • Introductory rates vs permanent rates.
  • Maximum limit.
  • Payment terms.
  • Rewards.
  • Incentives.

It doesn’t matter where you live, there are always many credit cards open to you.


By now you’re ready to choose a good credit card for your needs. Take your time so that you don’t get ripped off.


Martin Dasko

Martin Dasko