I must admit that I wasn’t always the best employee. I had my ups and downs. One thing for sure is that I’ve learned my lessons over the years. If you want to make money, have job referrals  build your network, work on your resume, and have a job next summer, you need to have a great summer this year. You need to make as much money as possible and do the right things to ensure a call back next year.

How can you excel at your part-time gig this summer?

Take punctuality very seriously.

Starting at 3 means that you start work at 3. It doesn’t mean that you cruise into work around 3 and start shooting the breeze. Punctuality is very serious. In some cultures it is very offensive to be late to any sort of appointment. Always be on time. Never show up late. Never show up tired. Never try to weasel your way into leaving early.

If I find out that you’re constantly late to work, I’ll be offended. Nobody will ever re-hire the person that’s unreliable with horrible attendance.

Buy coffee.

Don’t be cheap. Buy coffee for everyone. This $10 investment will leave a lasting impression. Don’t lose friends just because you’re too cheap to buy coffee. Something as simple as this goes a long way. Who doesn’t appreciate a good cup of coffee in the morning? Your co-workers will love you.


Sure you can pass probation and barely get by. But who the hell wants that? I want to see you thrive, not just survive.

It’s important to over-deliver. If you’re asked to do something, make sure that you do it right and give more than is expected. The bare minimum is fine, but it won’t impress anyone. If you want to be called back for work next summer, you need to over-deliver and be remembered as someone that gets the job done. Not someone that barely accomplishes anything.

Don’t get into the toxic environment.

You need to avoid the toxic environment that’s present at most jobs. Don’t get into the gossip. Don’t worry about who’s dating who. Don’t bash people when they’re not in the room. Don’t complain or groan. Get your job done, have some laughs with your friends at work, and move on.

A toxic environment will bring you down and the entire workplace. I’ve been involved in so many of these. I hate it. It’s easy to get wrapped up in it. It’s depressing. Screw that. Do your job and worry about yourself. The boss will certainly not bring back a toxic person.

Get to know your co-workers.

I’ve found this to be helpful because you never know who has the boss’ ear. I once became good friends with a co-worker who happened to be friends with the boss. He went to bat for me and recommended. This worked out in my favor.

Plus, getting to know your co-workers makes your job so much more fun. You’ll actually look forward to going to work. I’ve gone for drinks, dated, and shared amazing memories with so many of my co-workers at summer jobs.

That’s how you can guarantee a strong reference, consistent employment, and being known as a rockstar employee. Don’t be that guy on the don’t call list! Make money this summer and every other summer.

Martin Dasko

Martin Dasko