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Ever wondered why we need so many laws and policies to prevent every possible negative event in society?

Considering social events of the past decade, the answer to this question may seem extremely simple; to prevent bad things from happening again and to possibly save lives.  However I believe the very premise of this question, and its answer, need to be addressed in a different way; why do we increasingly look to the government to solve our problems?

Simply put, because it’s easy.

Much easier than each one of us taking responsibility for our society and, by following the values this country was founded on, fixing it ourselves.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not proposing that an external threat like 9/11 could have been solved by people being thrifty or working harder at their jobs, but I am proposing that many of our internal issues could be solved by getting back to the basics.  This country was founded on hard work, thriftiness, a drive to excel and achieve, and the belief that we all should have a chance to make ourselves what we will, with only the sky as our limit.

Now however, those basics have been replaced by our increasing laziness, consumer lifestyle, complacency with how things are (called apathy), and the growing belief that equal results for our attempts at success should be guaranteed, regardless of the quality of our effort (in other words, the “I deserve it because I’m alive and breathing” mentality).  Instead of looking at ourselves and re-discovering the original American-born values and ideals, we allow the government, who by nature will take power wherever it can, to “solve” these issues for us. What does this result in?

Socialized industries, massive bailouts, the largest deficit ever, a government-run healthcare system (Obamacare), and general government corruption.

One day we may wake up and realize that the very rights, freedoms, and opportunities that make America what it is have evaporated, and the only ones to blame will be the citizens. Don’t blame the government; they receive their power from the people, they receive their power from you reading this right now.

If you didn’t vote, you’re to blame. If you have no idea what’s going on with America politically, you’re to blame. If you do not take any kind of interest in your government, either locally or nationally, you’re to blame.

Many people say it’s too complicated, I say that’s an excuse. Yes, it is complicated, there are many, many things that I do not understand…but I try, I take an interest, I strive to understand, instead of simply giving up without truly making my best effort.


What YOU can do

If you feel overwhelmed by the whole political game, take very, very small steps. Start with finding out who represents you and your state in congress. Find out what they believe in and how they have voted on past issues, and then decide if you agree with them. Next, pay attention to local and national elections and the candidates involved, and when it comes time to vote, you’ll be able to make a decision based on your informed, educated opinions.

Beyond that, just learn what you can about America, how it was meant to be, and what it has become today.

Find out who represents YOU at www.senate.gov.


Unbiased, fact-based research on various government officials at http://www.votesmart.org/


Jake Evans

Jake Evans