With the weather warming up and starting to be consistent here, I noticed more and more people going on weekend getaways and vacations. We’re visiting family and friends this weekend in Virginia and several of our friends will also be out of town. In view of that, I thought it would nice to share two lodging options the next time you’re planning your vacation – campsites and hotels. Each has its own charm and annoyances.

Can a Campsite Work for You?

Planning ahead is important with any trip, but it’s especially important when looking at campsites. You want to make sure that get some review from past campers. Like hotel pictures online, you may not be getting an accurate idea of where you’re staying if you only use the place’s own website.

What you may not be aware of is the amenities that many campsites offer. When we went camping in the Western part of North Carolina our campgrounds had hot showers, a laundromat, restrooms, and a supply store on site.

Checking Your Hotel Out

Most of the same advice applies with finding the best hotel for you. Look carefully at reviews from previous guests and see if there were any consistent complaints. If people mention the rude service at the front desk, then more than likely you’ll get that when you check in. Don’t forget to check out my post on where to find good cheap hotels on your next vacation.

Bed Bug Reports

What can ruin a vacation? Unexpected guests. The last thing you want in your hotel is critters in your room. Not only are they disgusting, but bed bugs have given some hotel guests welts. Check the bed bug registry before you book your hotel room. It’s free and it includes 12,000 locations in the United States and Canada.

Thoughts on Campsites and Hotels

I think if you want to try something different, camping out on your next trip can allow you to have memorable experience.  We had a fantastic time and spending time under the stars was beautiful. We also got to explore a part of North Carolina that we hadn’t tried before. We’re looking forward to our next camping trip.

However if you’re not an outdoor person, then don’t push it and make a reservation at a hotel instead. Even if you want to visit a national park or go whitewater rafting, there are hotel options that can give you the great outdoor feel without the discomforts.

Which do you prefer on your trips? Do you enjoy using campsites or hotels? If you’ve stayed at a hotel, did you check to see if the place was on the bed bug registry?

Laura Martinez

Laura Martinez