We’ve enjoyed traveling around the country mainly with some trips outside the country between us. For us, we try to get the best value in terms of what we pay and the experiences we have. We’re not too big on collecting souvenirs, but rather try to get a feel for local cuisine and sites.

One of the biggest expenses besides airfare in traveling can be accommodations. Depending on what destination you have in mind, where to stay can vary significantly. You have to find something that is appropriate for you, so I’ll share two options that you can think about. The first is finding a quality hotel on a budget. The second option is taking advantage of a youth hostel.

Finding the Best Hotel

If you’re looking for a hotel list or a hotel ranking that can help you decide, my suggestion is to look at ones by actual customers. Sites like Trip Advisors offer up reviews from different travelers with different backgrounds and it’ll make it much easier for you to decide what will e the right place to stay for you.

I’d also shop around and see if I can get a great deal on hotels by using features like Priceline’s bid option. We’ve saved quite a bit of money in large cities like New York and Los Angeles. We’ve found it beneficial to have a specific budget in mind and will bid small and slowly increase it towards our maximum. So far, we’ve managed to find most hotels well within our budget that way.

Here are a list of travel sites we use to search for deals:

I hope they can help you find the right place.

Need a Cheaper Option? Youth Hostel Groups

If you’re traveling a bit further and leaving the country, hostels may be a solid budget choice. Hostels are more dorm like in their accommodations with shared facilities, like bathrooms. Some people love the more social aspect of hostels and the price is usually much cheaper than a hotel in the same area. Some newer or updated hostels offer electronic key locks for storage of your personal things.

If you’re planning on visiting a youth hostel on your next trip, I found a search site minihostel called that might be helpful.

Thoughts on Finding Cheap Hotels and Hostels

I’d love to hear from readers, both who travel extensively and those who enjoy a good getaway once in awhile. How many of you enjoy traveling? What have been your favorite destinations? Do you have any tips and trciks you’d like to share on the best hotel and hostels that you’ve stayed at?

Laura Martinez

Laura Martinez