Good Morning Everyone and welcome to the next post in our “How Smart is Your Smartphone” series.  Today we are discussing a topic that comes up in my home very often.  Today we are discussing the generation gap, communication gap, and the technology between us and our parents.  Of course as years go by and we get older trends will change and technology will advance.  In 2011 I play Nintendo Wii instead of the 1980’s Atari and I have a tiny Smartphone instead of a 1990’s Cell Phone the size of a brick.

When I saw today’s topic of Parents and Smartphones I was excited because this has been a debate in my family for almost a year.  I keep trying to tell my parents that Smartphones are not just for young people, older people can have Smartphones too.  My Dad doesn’t even have a cell phone, so asking him to get a Smartphone is definitely out of the question.  However, my Mother is a little more up to date.  I have been talking to my Mother about my LG Shine Plus for 6 months, and I am happy to say that last month my Mother bought a Smartphone. Actually my Mother also bought the LG Shine Plus.

Cheap Smartphones

Whether our parents choose to accept it or not technology is advancing and Smartphones are the new Cell Phone.  Smartphones don’t have to be expensive, if our parents sign a term contract and they don’t sign up for a data plan Smartphones can actually be very cheap.

Cheap Smartphones can still be beneficial to users.  If we don’t need access to the Internet and various social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook then Smartphones can be cheap.  Since our parents probably won’t use all of the Smartphone functions, a basic talk plan should be good enough for their needs.  They can still use the Camera, Calendar, and other functions of a Smartphone while keeping their costs down.

Smartphone Definition

By definition a Smartphone can be used as a Cell Phone as well as a Personal Digital Assistant. However, I mostly use my Smartphone to keep in touch with my Mother and maintain my family relationships.

I love keeping in touch with my family by texting, emailing, and sending photos to my cousins, sister, niece, and Mother.  It is so easy to keep in touch and stay connected with my family and friends by using my Smartphone.

By definition a Smartphone can keep us connected with the world by email, internet, Twitter and Facebook as well as let us answer incoming calls at any time.  A Smartphone is so much more than a Cell Phone, and in my opinion everyone needs one.

Whether we are 25 or 65 a Smartphone has an advantage for everyone.  We may not use all the features and functions of our Smartphone, even if we only want to store our contacts and make phone calls a Smartphone has the capacity to store so much more information than a regular Cell Phone.


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Tahnya Kristina

Tahnya Kristina

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