Good Morning Green Panda Readers and Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian Friends.  Today is the next post in our “How Smart is Your Smartphone” series.  Before we get started I would like to take a moment and pay tribute to the loss of a great personality in the world of technology.  Last week Steve Jobs the former CEO of Apple Corporation lost his battle with cancer at the age of 56.  Apple Corporation is the manufacturer of the iPhone, iPad, and Mac Book Computers.  I personally don’t think that the world of technology will ever be the same after the loss of Steve Jobs.

Last year I bought a new Smartphone and I am very pleased with my purchase.  By definition a Smartphone is a Cellular Phone that also acts as a PDA with internet access, a video and still shot camera, as well as an MP3 player.  I love my Smartphone for the potential convenience, but it is definitely not always all good.


The Pros of a Smartphone

The New Smartphone’s in 2011 can be very advantageous to users who take advantage of all of their functions.  Unfortunately due to my lack of technological pizzazz I only use my Smartphone for the basic functions such as to make calls, send text messages, my Calendar, the Camera, and my Mobile Banking Application.

As with everything in technology New Smartphones in 2011 can be brand new models or upgrades of previous models.  I have the LG Shine Plus with Google which is the new version of the LG Shine Cell Phone.

I love that my New Smartphone eliminates paper and helps the environment.  I can view my monthly Smartphone, my VISA, and my Bank Account statements all online through the various Applications on my Smartphone.

I love that the Android Market for Android Phones and the App Store for iPhones offer Applications for almost everything we need. We can download maps, games, and many other Applications for almost anything we need.  My boyfriend downloaded a Coleman Lantern App that turns his iPhone into a Night Light.  He also downloaded a Cow Bell Application which can be very annoying and very loud early in the morning.


The Cons of a Smartphone

By definition a New Smartphone should be able to connect us with the world at the tap of a button or the touch of a screen.  Unfortunately if you don’t have a monthly data plan this is not always true.

I personally feel that data plans for New Smartphone’s in 2011 (whether it is a Blackberry, an iPhone, or an Android phone) are very expensive.  I don’t have a data plan on my LG Shine Plus with Google and therefore I cannot always connect to the internet.  I like having the option to check my Gmail and update Twitter at any time throughout the day, but just because WiFi access is available doesn’t mean that we can always connect.

Smartphone’s can offer simplicity and convenience, but only if we have access to a WiFi connection; without it a Smartphone just becomes a regular Cell Phone.


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Tahnya Kristina

Tahnya Kristina

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