Not many people would turn down the chance to make more money, especially if they didn’t have to put in too much effort to do so. However, it is amazing how many people don’t realize how close they are to an opportunity to increase their income and don’t even know it. To help you out and get that imagination working here are 7 examples of what you could be doing to earn extra cash, all of which require very little effort:

  1. A TV Extra. There are ‘extras agencies’ who are always looking for people to stand around in the street or sit in cafe’s as they shoot the scene for the latest TV drama. This is a sure fire way to impress your friends while earning that little bit extra.
  2. Mystery Shopper. You will see this job come up on the internet from time to time, even in your local paper. All it entails is you giving your truthful opinion about the service you receive in certain shops, bars, or restaurants. You could find yourself trying on the latest fashions or enjoying a restaurant meal and get paid for doing so. You can feel like an undercover agent as you go about your work.
  3. Giving Your Opinion. If people tell you that you are opinionated why not put it to good use and get paid for it. You can do this work on the internet or by participating in telephone polls. Even some government focus groups are interested in what you think and are willing to pay you for your opinion. Face to face group sessions can also pay good money, and online surveys are one way to get started in this field.
  4. Vehicle Advertising. Taxis have been doing it for years, so have many businesses, so why not private vehicles? If you look on earning money as a more worthwhile pursuit that driving around town in a cleanskin car why not give consideration to carrying advertisements on your vehicle’s body. There are advertising firms who will pay you good money to have your car look like a moving billboard. Your paintwork will not be damaged as the advertisements will be on magnetic vinyl. Easy to put in place, easy to remove and easy to earn money from. 
    Two magnet money clip
  5. Renting Your car. When you have no use for your car yourself and it is sitting idly in the garage, you can think of hiring it out to someone who may need to travel somewhere but doesn’t possess wheels of their own. There are many times when a person wants a car but doesn’t want to go to the expense of buying one of their own. Look for a ‘peer to peer car rentals’ website online to register your car and start generating revenue from your second biggest asset.
  6. Delivering Sales Pamphlets. There are always positions to be filled by people who love walking, as long as you are also happy to drop off advertising pamphlets for various business on your way around. Quite large organizations specialize in taking on contracts to drop off advertising material in people’s letterboxes. They are always looking for distributors, all you need do is apply.
  7. Renting Your Home Out as a Film Set. Quite big money can be earned by people willing to rent their homes out as a film set for TV shows or movies. TV show directors these days try to be as authentic as they can and in doing so are always on the look out for a suitable location to fit in with their story line. Whether your pad is a tiny inner city flat, a mining town cottage, or a gigantic mansion, they are all sought after in order to gain authenticity. Online agencies can help you out here.

If you have an interest in following up any of these 10 tips you should ensure that you are fully covered by insurance before embarking on any one project. Accidents can happen when you least expect it. For example, you will need to insure your car for other drivers if you are going to rent it out and you must make sure you have public liability cover on your property if you are going to rent it out for any purpose be it a film company or a person want a car parking space.