If you’re a football fan, or even if you’re not, you know exactly who Terrell Owens is. The 37 year old former Cincinnati Bengals’ wide receiver has been rehabilitating his left knee after an injury that resulted in surgery. He has not been picked up by any NFL teams this season, and chances became even more slim when he worked out on Tuesday and no interested teams came to check him out. Although T.O. had a pretty successful career since 1996 playing for the likes of Buffalo, San Francisco, Dallas and Philadelphia, he’s a senior in football years, and should consider another career. I think these jobs will fit his personality:

  1. NFL Analyst: Owens is no stranger to football, especially what it takes to be a winner (and a loser). He has so much personality, he could be a loved analyst for Monday Night Football or have his own segment on an ESPN show. We as fans would love to see him talking trash and giving his opinions about teams rather than playing on one and potentially hurting himself even more.
  2. Offensive Coach – Wide Receivers: It’s not all about the T.O. show anymore. Owens would be an excellent offensive coach to wide receivers. He’s got 15 seasons under his belt, along with almost 16,000 yards and over 150 touchdowns. Any team would be lucky to have him…on their coaching staff. It may be a humbling position for him, and who better to learn about the position of wide receiver from than number 81 himself.
  3. Actor: Since his most recent “vacation”, Terrell Owens has made appearances and cameos on the small screen, including VH1’s Single Ladies and USA Network’s Necessary Roughness. He’s also the star of his own reality series following life as a NFL superstar. The camera loves him and the ladies do too. He’d be a great way to draw in a crowd.
  4. Executive Producer: Seems like the latest trend for a lot of celebrities, executive producing is a job just about anyone can do, including T.O. He already has experience, executive producing his reality show, as well as a documentary on Kenyan children called In the Nest. Depending on what type of filming he’s into, it can be a pretty lucrative, yet low key career for the star.
  5. Spokesperson: While most people say “stick to your day job”, in this case, I’d suggest sticking to your side job. Owens has several endorsement deals, in which he is the spokesperson or spokesmodel for a brand. These types of jobs don’t come cheap, and don’t come easy. His successful career is enough to put his name and face on a brand. He’s already got deals for sports drinks and earphones. Fitness gear and equipment would work for him since he’s in such great shape.
  6. Merchandiser: Going back to his college roots, Terrell Owens could look into a career as a merchandiser. He can certainly get things to sell at a store, as he has good taste, the education, and the fan base.
  7. Book Author: Terrell Owens has written several books, including an autobiography, a fitness book and a children’s story. They all have pretty good reviews on Amazon, and he can continue in the route of children’s stories and fitness books. I haven’t read his books but they’re on my wish list.
So T.O. don’t get down if you’re not picked up. This could be a new opportunity for you! Pursue other careers, and look into different jobs. You’re still a great age to go into a new field.