Retirement is an event in life that so many people look forward to. You’ve worked for a few decades, and you are now at the point where you no longer need to work full time to live comfortably. Hopefully at this point you have planned accordingly and saved money for your retirement. No longer is it the time where you just sit around at home, waiting for visitors, and eventually wait for your time to pass on. Retirement, to many people, is their next chapter in life, where they can do many of the things they’ve been wanting to do. Some choose to travel during this period, while others simply look for another job. If you’re one of the latter, here are 7 jobs for retired people that you can pursue.

  1. Customer Service Representative: In my opinion, seniors are the perfect people for a customer service representative job. They’re patient, compassionate, and tend to have the best people skills. Customer service jobs are available in just about every industry you can think of. The amount of these jobs are plentiful and the job description is pretty simple. These positions are usually around minimum wage in pay, but hours can be flexible.
  2. Greeter: A fairly simple job, greeters are the people who do just that: greet you when you come in to a store. A position made a little more popular by Walmart, this job just asks that you put a smile on and start the customer’s experience off on the right foot. This is similar to being a customer service representative, and would be a great job if you just want to get out the house. You can also expect minimum wage and flexible hours with this position.
  3. Virtual Assistant: You may be more familiar with personal assistants, but virtual assistants are essentially the same thing, only you don’t have to report into a place of business for work. You can accomplish your tasks from the comfort of your own home. If you’re pretty computer savvy, this could be one of the better home based business ideas for you. Virtual assistant tasks could range from data entry, research, e-mail support, phone support, or word processing.
  4. Part Time Instructor: If you find yourself full of knowledge on a particular subject, or you just enjoy talking about it, you should consider becoming a part time instructor. If you have the necessary credentials, you can look into teaching a high school or college course. If you’re not a teacher, you can still instruct a recreational class through a university’s extension program or through your city’s local community center.
  5. Writer/Editor: Many great writers are those who have a lot of life experience. Whether you enjoy fiction or if you have a true story to tell, writing may be a great job for you during retirement. You can write for others by freelancing, look for a journalism position at your local media station, or you can edit other writers’ work.
  6. Consultant: If you were in your industry for a number of years, chances are you have a lot of knowledge and wisdom to give. For those who really enjoyed their position, you can be a consultant to other companies. Give them your professional opinion, do a few projects when it’s convenient for you, or simply advise them on how to be successful. Consultants have the luxury of calling the shots as far as hours and the amount of projects they want to take on.
  7. Blogger: Blogging is one of the most popular online professions around. If you have something you truly love, then start a blog about it! Yes, you can get paid for blogging. Accepting advertising, writing guest posts, and selling your own products are some of the ways you can make a living as a blogger. You can develop your own following, talk about what you want, and do it on your time!

These are just a few of the many jobs waiting for those who have officially retired from full time work. Some people realize that having so much free time is something that’s hard to get used to. Maybe you want to get out the house, possibly earn extra money, or maybe you simply want a second career. Whatever your reasoning may be, these jobs for retired people are available for you.