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Here's how to make an easy $5 to $20 bucks.  

All you have to do is get 1 person, any person, to do four little things…

  1. "Like" the Financial Highway Facebook page at
  2. Follow me on Twitter @GoBeRich.
  3. Sign up for the official Financial Highway Newsletter Here
  4. Leave 2 comments of substance (no simple "great post") on any 2 posts here at Financial Highway, aside from this post.

It's That Simple

That's it. You get someone to do those 4 things, and I'll give you $5 via PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account, it's really easy to set one up. You can do so here. In turn, the person you recruited to do those 4 things can also participate. 

You haven't heard the best part yet… you can do this whole process up to 4 separate times. That's $20 for getting 4 people to do 4 things.

Entry Requirements

All that's required for entry is you sending me an E-mail at [email protected] containing:

  1. The name of the person you referred
  2. The date you referred them
  3. Tell me which posts they commented on.
  4. Your PayPal E-mail address

This giveaway officially launches today, May 30th, and will end Monday, June 13th. All entry E-mails must be submitted and received by 11:59 PM on June 13th, and the person you refer must have done all 4 things by then as well. The winnings will be sent out to all that satisfactorily participated the next day, Tuesday, June 14th.

Jake Evans

Jake Evans