Source: Photo: Leonardini

Source: Photo: Leonardini

As we countdown to the new year we should take some time now to reflect on our personal finances. We have collected some of the best articles from across the blogs that will inspire, help you plan and maybe just reaffirm some of the good personal finance management practices.

    Being Responsible with Money

  1. 10 Money Mistakes to Avoid – Many of our habits are inherently wasteful. Wouldn’t you want to recognize some of these habits and alter your behavior so some of these unnecessary expenses can be eliminated? Tejvan gives you a head start by listing some of the common ‘mistakes’ that we indulge in out of sheer habit.
  2. 46 Things I Wish my Mom Taught me About Money – Lisa Laprade’s list is a comprehensive compilation of some of the basics of good financial management. While I am sure, much of this is not new to most readers, you should still take some time to review the list. It is all too easy to get carried away in the flow of life and slip up.
  3. Seven Financial Mistakes that Ended Disastrously – Personal Finance bloggers are not immune to making financial blunders, specially early in their lives. But they are wiser for these experiences, and we can all learn something from them.
  4. Top 10 Money Drains – I have always been fascinated by the combining power of small numbers. Basically, an expense might be small and insignificant, but you incur it often and the number multiplies. Add 10 of them together, and … you get the idea.
  5. Getting the Family Involved

  6. How to Teach Your Kids About Money – We all know that he best time to start saving and investing is early. It is also unfortunate that most schools/colleges do not have programs or courses that teach about financial responsibility. Therefore, we as parents need to figure out how to go about teaching our kids about managing money and credit while they are still at home from an early age.
  7. The Key to Wedded Bliss – Money is the most important and possibly contentious issue  in a marriage that we rarely ever talk about before taking the plunge. Even love may not be able to outlast a fiscally incompatible spouse. In 3 Things to Discuss Before Marriage we talk about other aspects of marriage that you should discuss before tying the knot.
  8. Practical Money Saving Tips

  9. Simple Money Saving Tips for Frugal Living – Despite the headline, the tips here are not frugal in the sense that you will end up doing extraordinary things to save a buck. These are just simple and smart ideas to keep the money in your wallet, that you should not be spending in the first place.
  10. 25 Gadgets that Actually Save Money – Spending on a hot new technology is not always smart. Except, there are cases where technology actually enhances lifestyle and saves so much money that it pays for itself in a relatively short time.
  11. 7  Completely No-Brainer Ways to go Green and Save Money – Wouldn’t you bring yourself to care for the environment, if it was just not so damn expensive to do that? Well, it doesn’t have to. You may also want to read Save Money When You go Green for more ideas.
  12. 16 Depression Era Money Saving Tips – Well, these tips are as valid and useful today as they were 80 years ago during the time of the Great Depression.
  13. 10 Retarded Money Saving Tips – It is quite easy to go too far in your quest to save money. Some ideas are not practical, others are downright ridiculous. I am pretty sure, you may have come across a few of these
  14. Further Reading

  15. 10 Financial Myths Busted – Kiplinger’s take on what is changing in the financial landscape. My perspective: times may change but true and tried financial wisdom will still be relevant. You just need to be focused on the long term and not get swayed by the temporary dislocations. If someone says: It is different this time, stop listening. And, Use Common Sense.
  16. 25 of the Best Books About Money – This post is a bit dated and there are many new books out that are worthy of a read. But still, the books on this list should be a part of your bookshelf. Read them, you do not have to agree with them, but read them just the same so you can benefit from their perspective.

I am sure I have missed many equally great articles about money and personal finance. If you know of an article that has truly inspired or touched you, let me know and I will include them in the list. Go ahead, read these articles, bookmark them, share them, act on them and let us know how it is working out for you.