Over the past five years, millions of people have purchased iPhones and have discovered the phone’s wide range of applications that can add assistance in all facets of life. One of the most useful set of applications are money management applications.

1. Chase Mobile: (Free) For many consumers, finding time to pay the bills can be quite a hassle. Luckily, for Chase Bank customers, a lot of the hassle is taken out with the Chase iPhone application. This application allows you to check real time account balances, transfer money, and pay your bills. Here’s an in-depth review of the Chase Mobile app.

2. Bloomberg: (Free for Bloomberg subscribers) For the avid and savvy investor, finding up to date analysis and information on the run can be quite difficult. Luckily, the Bloomberg application can solve many investors’ concerns. The Bloomberg app provides a user with real time quotes, analysts opinions, and stock trends.

3. Paypal: (Free) One of the most frequently used resources to pay bills, or purchase goods online is Paypal. Now, iPhone owners can access the website directly through their phone with the user friendly Paypal application. This website will allow you to send and withdraw money, or link new bank accounts.

4. Ask Dave Ramsey: (Free) One of the most trusted and influential people in the world of personal finance is Dave Ramsey. Now, iPhone users can gain easy access to all of Dave Ramsey’s personal financial knowledge through the Ask Dave Ramsey iPhone application (review). This application, which is free, allows you to listen to audio clips, read summaries of his broadcast, and read his answer to consumer’s questions.

5. Mint: (Free) For the past few years, Mint.com has become a favorite website for people looking to consolidate all of their bank accounts, and develop a budget. Now, with the Mint application, a person can bring all of their financial information to the iPhone. This includes updating all bank account balance, credit card balances, and loan balances in real time. Use this app and follow some of the guidelines on how much you should be saving and you are well on your way to a successful retirement.

6. CNBC Real Time: (Free) CNBC Real time is an ideal application for someone looking to get the most current information for free. CNBC provides a user with real time streaming stock quotes, and real time information.

7. Pay Off Debt: ($2.99) In recent years, many consumers have found themselves buried in financial debt. Without help, getting out of debt can be a very difficult task. Luckily the Pay Off Debt application will help a consumer devise a financial plan to pay down their debt and regain control of their financial life.

8. Loan Calculator: ($0.99) When shopping for big ticket items, such as a home or car, knowing how much the monthly payment will cost can be quite confusing. Luckily, with the loan calculator application, a consumer will always know exactly what their monthly payment will be.

9. iCurrency: ($0.99) For international travelers, one of the most confusing aspects of travel is converting currency from one country’s form to the next. Luckily, the iCurrency application will handle this for you. This application keep real time track of over 150 countries currency value, and has the ability to convert currency between any two countries.

10. MileBug: ($2.99) For business travelers, accurately keeping track of miles driven can be confusing. This can often lead to receiving less of a mileage reimbursement following a trip. To accurately keep track of mileage, and save money, a traveler should get the MileBug mileage tracker, which handles much of the work for you.

Do you have other must-have financial apps on your iPhone? Please do share with us.

David Boyd

David Boyd

Mark Brown writes about personal finance management for www.CreditCardCompare.com.au, a credit card comparison website where you can get details on the top credit card offers in Australia. Follow @thecreditletter on Twitter for more.