So I was pretty proud of the decisions we’ve made recently. We bought our bed and the mini camcorder. My friend who’s a tech junkie is still trying to figure out how I managed to get such a deal on the Bloggie. We even decided to take a vacation. In five years of marriage we’ve never taken more than a weekend getaway. I had a flight credit, we found a deal that will allow us to stay at a luxury resort for $35/night for half our trip, and we’re pretty excited.

I took my husband to work, came home and discovered the dog had chewed a hole in his tush. Apparently he’s having systemic allergies that commonly occur about a year after they enter a new environment. (Thanks for the heads up.) So what started as a small allergy quickly tsunamied into a systemic skin irritation, ear infection, and overall misery in the world.
The poor baby needed a shot, antibiotics, special shampoo, a diet change, and I think he’s trying to remove his own skin. All this means that we’re caring for him round the clock (he can’t be left alone ’cause he’ll chew) and everyone’s favorite nemesis, vet bills. The initial bill was under $200, but I can quickly see these long term care issues adding up. The dollars wouldn’t sting if it had happened a different month, but it never fails, when you dare to spend money, an emergency happens. Sheesh!
Hopefully we can get the irritation down; that’s half the battle cause he’ll stop chewing his own skin. I’m throwing out any bedding that can’t be washed, and bleaching all his bedding and toys. I’m using a natural shampoo called Kelco Ultra MD to help his skin, and upgrading his food to one that had previously done very well for his skin and coat. When he seems to get really bad, we’re giving him a bit of Benadryl as the vet noted. Does anyone else have any ideas for keeping him comfortable?
Thank you!