Good Morning Green Panda friends. Now that September is over I hope that you have all adjusted back into your school life on campus.  Let me ask you a question, why are you in college? Some of us may have applied to college because it was forced onto us by our parents, some of us may be studying in college because we want to get a higher education, some of us may be enrolled in college because we want to better ourselves, and some of us may be in college because we want to make valuable connections. Regardless of the reason why you are enrolled in college you have to make sure to achieve your goal before graduation time.

For some people just graduating from college is not enough, of course we all enroll in college to get an education, but why? What benefits will a higher education bring to you and your life? Some people also have a secondary purpose as to why they are attending college, after their primary purpose of getting a diploma.

Why are you enrolled in college?

– To make connections.  Some people attend college to get an education but also to make valuable connections that can become a helpful resource or connections that can help them with their career after graduation. Professors, administrative staff, co-op program teachers, and teaching assistants call be valuable resources.

– You want to get an education.  Getting a higher education is the primary reason why students attend college.  Most professional employers require a post-secondary education to get hired, a post-secondary education is usually even for entry level positions. Trade schools are becoming a very popular for students who can’t afford or who do not wish to attend a four-year college.  Trade school programs are intense one or two year programs that offer courses in a specialized field.

– In hopes of finding your dream job. If your dream is to become a lawyer or a doctor you will definitely have to attend college.  Before you apply to a college and enroll in your courses each semester it is a good idea to research the qualifications required for your dream job.  If you want to work in marketing then you should contact public relations firms or check public relations job postings to see what requirements and qualifications will get you a job with potential employers.

– You want GPA bragging rights.  Maybe you are a very competitive person and you are studying intensely in college because you want the bragging rights of having the best GPA within your circle of friends. Having an above average GPA is also a great way to get noticed by potential employers when they visit your college campus.

– Trying to find yourself in life.  College is definitely a learning experience both scholastically and personally.  During your four years in college you will decide what you want to do as a career after graduation, you will grow into the person that you are going to become, you will develop essential skills such as time management and multi tasking, and you will also find a sense of independence.

What are you hoping to learn in college?

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