Tips on Having a Great Conversation

Since I’m assuming that most of your dinner guests are friends, family, or acquaintance, then I’m going to focus on how you can grow a better relationship with someone with conversation.

  • Focus on others. We like to have a captive audience and your guests are no different.
  • Listen carefully to the other person. I tend to get distracted easily, so when we have people over I turn off the laptop. I invited people over because I enjoy their company I don’t want to ruin it by checking my email.
  • Ask follow-up questions. Sometimes we think we have to be an expert at everything to hold a conversation. The truth is we learn so much more by being a student. Ask them to clarify what they mean, how did they come up with that idea, and eve ask them to break it down for you. Not only would that e a boost to their ego, you’ll learn quite a bit. 
  • Be loyal. If you’re friends with someone and a guest says something negative about the person (whether they are at the party or not), kindly stand up for your friend. People notice loyalty and seek it out. You may not have the biggest circle of friends, but you can build the strongest circle. On the other hand, avoid negative gossip as it can ruin your reputation and others.
  • Introduce people by sharing a story. A great way to introduce people is to share one or both of them have helped you tremendously. Genuine compliments are always appreciative and having a story helps to break the ice.  

Parting Thoughts

Try and remember to keep the dinner party planning easy, classy, and affordable. The company and host make it memorable.

Photo Credit:Hamed Saber

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Laura Martinez

Laura Martinez