bills.jpg I can’t believe it’s almost the end of August already! Classes start tomorrow, so I’ll be a bit busy this week. I’m excited about a few of my classes. I feel my finance class will benefit me personally and this blog. I’ll include formulas and shortcuts to typical situations.

Here’s this week’s budget for my paycheck:

Paycheck: $280.65

Here’s my budget for it:

Joint: $160

Gasoline: $50

Savings: $20

Net Income: $50.65

Next week, I’m anticipating a higher paycheck due to working extra hours. All the extra pay will go towards my emergency fund at ING Direct.  After getting my emergency fund up, I’ll put the extra $80-100/month towards paying the principal in my car loan. I’m hoping to pay that as soon as I can. As you know car depreciate and I’m at the point where the principal on the loan is equal to the Kelly Blue Book value( a difference of $50 in my favor technically).  

Well, that’s the plan. Let’s see if I stick with it.