I was bouncing around the web the other day and I came across this article about starting your own business.  What I liked about the article is that they are totally focused on what is achievable.  The article is about starting your own $2 Million dollar business which I think is totally achievable for anyone.  I have done this for the companies that I have worked for and could do it myself.

What is important is that you don’t swing for the fences just hit singles and you will be happy that you did.  The author did a great job of outlining why you want to build a $2 Million business vs a $200 Million dollar one.  You should read it to get a better understanding of why.

The point is that you can do it.  You can do it based on something that you know how to do today or do it with something you enjoy.  Sit down, write a list and weigh the options.  Chances are you are closer to the $2 Million than you think.