“We can’t afford it.”

I hate to say those words, but when your paying off dear old Sallie Mae (thank you, student loans) you say it quite often. When I don’t say it, my intentions overrun my ability.
Some friends invited us to go to Puerto Vallarta with them to celebrate their 5th anniversary. We so very much wanted to go, especially cause this year is our 5th as well. We had just enough set aside for the trip, and were planning on going. Then, the projector exploded. We replaced it at a very good deal, and I honestly thought we might be able to save up enough for the trip by the time we’re supposed to leave.
Our friends know we’re not flush, but they were as hopeful as we were that we could go. Last Tuesday, I found out that my contract job will most likely be up at the end of September. As of now, we cannot afford to go. My friends were going on a trip this past weekend, so I withheld this information until they got back….no need to spoil two trips.
It’s really not nice news. Since I’m an independent contractor there is no unemployment with extended benefits waiting in the wings for me. If I’m lucky there may continue to be project work for me with my current company, but I’m not holding my breath. The worst part is now I know that this is going to be the first in a long line of “we can’t afford it.” It sucks.
Back in February, J. Money went on a pretty long grrrr-fest about how much he hates that phrase. Trust me, I hate saying it as much as he hates hearing it. For the “working poor” it’s a fact of life. In some respects I probably could afford more, if I decided to leverage my great-grandchildren’s future with credit cards.
I’m currently doing everything in my power to make sure that I will use this phrase as little as possible. I’m working extra hard in my duties for my current company, in the hopes that it might work out for me to stay on after all. I’m starting two side hustles to keep my weekends occupied (cause I don’t have enough to do in my “spare” time.) I’m trying to start the slash and burn now so that we can set aside cash.
Does anyone else hate to say those words as much as I do?