This is the first year that I have hated tax season. Normally I am highly organized and have my taxes out the door by February 15th. This year has been a nightmare.

1. Because of the move I actually have to file state taxes this year AND I had to figure out the difference between the income and expenses from each state.
2. Because we closed our business and reopened it in a different state I had to file four Schedule “C” forms. FOUR!!!!!
3. Because I received unemployment income from Nevada (a state that doesn’t tax income) after I moved to Oregon (perfectly legal, but they tax you a lot) my unemployment caused us to owe considerably.

So now we have to pay taxes in Oregon and this year I have to start estimated taxes. It’s more than a little overwhelming, but it motivated me to get personal finance software to better organize for next year. I’m almost ready with our estimated taxes for this quarter, which means I’ll be ready with our taxes ahead of schedule at the end of the year.

So the TaxMan may cometh now, but next year, I’ll be ready!