Let’s turn the tables here, what if we approached everything in our adult lives with that same childlike persistence.

Taking that completely literally, let’s visualize how a situation may turn out using that approach. The dialogue with a car dealer may run something like this…

Salesman: “..so, you like the car, why don’t we sit down and pencil something out. There are a few additions you may need..lets see..we need to add rustproofing and..”

You, with a big smile on your face, interrupting: “..why?”

Salesman: “because they don’t put it on at the manufacturer”

You: “..why?”

Salesman: “because it is something we do special for our customers and you really need it”

You: “..why?”

Salesman: “..to prevent rust from occurring”

You: “..why?”

Salesman: “..so the car won’t fall apart..”

You: “..why?

Salesman: “SO YOU CAN KEEP DRIVING IT…er ahem..let’s skip that for now…you need undercoating as well..”

You: “..why?”

By this point, the salesman will probably either throw you out, or sell you the car bare, without any of those fake upgrades with fancy names.

Now let’s get a bit more practical and apply this persistence to everything you do in your life.

Imagine yourself at the grocery store, list in hand but as you walk past the cookie aisle you see that your favorite cookie is on sale! As you reach for the package, ask yourself, should I buy them?

Then proceed to answer with the persistence of a three year old.

Why? Because I want them
Why? Because I’m hungry?..wait, I’m not hungry now..and it’s not on my list..
..I’ll regret them later..

You will soon be so frustrated with yourself, you won’t even want tho cookies and you will move on, purchasing only what’s on your list and exiting the store, drenched in the sweet aroma of money saved.

This tactic isn’t limited to the word why, and certainly not limited by any situation. Be persistent with yourself and make a strong point to work towards your savings, debt repayment or retirement goals in every situation you encounter.

You will be happy when that persistence pays off and you will have something to thank your children for. There is a lot we adults can learn from the innocent, persistent and often one track mindedness of our children.

This was a guest post by Jesse Michelsen. Jesse is the creator of Personal Finance Firewall, a place where he writes about navigating his family finances and saving money in every area of life, while still getting the most out of life.



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