Because our kids were a bit tired and whiny, we wanted a simple night out at a family friendly atmosphere. We decided to go to Submarine Tender in Forest Park.

My son and husband each ordered a regular sub, which looked to be about 7 inches long. My son ordered the turkey and cheese sub ($3.35) with light mayonnaise, lettuce, and tomato. He loved it, and it was so big, he took half home for lunch the next day.

My husband got the corned beef sub with cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion ($3.50). He enjoyed the fresh cheese on the sub but would order a different type of sub if we went back there. The bread was soft on the inside and a little hard on the outside, which he liked.
(My husband & son’s sub sandwiches)

I ordered the cheeseburger with lettuce as a meal and got a soda pop and fries ($4.09). The serving was plentiful; my son ate some of my cheeseburger, and everyone ate the fries. The burger was good, but not the best I have ever had.

(My cheeseburger meal)

The restaurant is very family friendly, as is the staff. Very few people seemed to eat in the restaurant; most ordered to go.

If you are looking for simple, reasonable food, this is the place to go. We will likely go back again when we are looking for a low-key evening.We spent $12.31 here which included the prices listed above and $1.07 in tax. We did not leave a tip as customers clean up after themselves.