One of the reasons that it’s so attractive to start your own business is that you don’t necessarily need any type of degree in order to make it happen. In fact, it’s usually possible — if you have a good idea and the ability to execute it — to start a business without much in terms of a formal secondary education.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from a little formal training and education. There are some courses that can be very helpful to you. An undergraduate business management course can provide you with some education in terms of business practices, or perhaps a marketing course can help you hone your advertising skills.

Before you write off the idea of a formal education as an entrepreneur, take a step back and see if there are some courses that could be beneficial to you.

Expand Your Skill Set and Become Marketable

When starting your own business, it’s vital that you make yourself marketable. On top of that, it can help to have the basic skills and competence to run your business more effectively. Investing in some training and education can go a long way toward helping you in this area. If you aren’t a very polished presenter, take some communications classes. Use a business psychology class to learn a little bit more about how to better appeal to potential customers and clients.

Education and training can help you expand your skill set so that you are more attractive. You can better woo investors, potential partners, and sell to customers. You don’t have to take a ton of classes, and you don’t have to commit to school for years on end. But a course here and there can offer a great benefit to the budding entrepreneur.

Take Classes without Working Toward the Degree

You don’t have to take courses with the goal of working toward a degree. An undergraduate management course can work wonders for your understanding of how to run a business. There are many other courses that can provide you with insight and basic skills — without the need for a degree.

It’s even possible to get some of this education for free. A number of post-secondary schools offer open courseware options. You won’t get credit for taking the class, and you won’t get one-on-one guidance from the professor, but you can pick up some knowledge and skills. You’ll have access to some of the exercises and assignments, as well as be able to watch some of the lectures. If you don’t want to pay to take the course, or if you are interested in the knowledge rather than the degree, open courseware can be the ideal choice.

Don’t assume that traditional learning has no place in the life of an entrepreneur. If you are starting your own business, a little extra knowledge can go a long way. Figure out what courses would be more beneficial to you, and help you reach your goals. You might be surprised at how helpful a little training can be.

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