by Andi B.

Since we bought the house I’ve been ever so careful about expenses. We’ve had to purchase appliances, and both my husband and I felt it was important not to go crazy just because we bought a house. Horror stories abound regarding people who racked up tens of thousand in debt furnishing their house just the way they want. We’ve made it our goal to furnish as much as we can either used, or under $50, never turning down anything free that we needed. In fact, we’ve been extremely rational until last night. Last night we committed to future expenses with our heart.

On Wednesday a kitten walked into my kitchen. She was malnourished, recently infested with fleas, had a bum leg, and such personality. When I saw kitten I realized that I haven’t been anyone’s second chance in a while, and the least I could do was find her home or find her a home. I posted an ad on craigslist and knocked on my neighbor’s doors with no good response. (To the neighbor who came to the door, looked out the window, and walked away, if I do have your kitten you rescinded your right by being a jerk.)

Then, she started cuddling my dog, and the dog let her. Then, we went to the vet and took care of the flea treatments. Then she started cuddling my husband, and he wasn’t allergic. He suggested putting her outside and seeing if she ran home….she ran back in the house. Finally, we realized that her bad leg created a special needs situation, and we didn’t trust anyone to do right by kitten as she gets older.

While this shouldn’t be ridiculously expensive, we do have to add food, litter, flea treatments, and spaying to our budget, with the potential for pain meds and vet visits down the road. There are ways to mitigate this with low-cost shot and spay clinics, and I just couldn’t let her go. I couldn’t risk the kitten that tries to pet my dog would go to a bad home, or get put down at the pound.

You see, three days before “kitten” came into my life I found out children are not in my future. I’m not obtuse enough to think I can replace children with animals, but the universe has a strange way of reminding me that there are infinite and unexpected opportunities to provide love and comfort, and that’s priceless.

Andi B.

Andi B.