Holidays are expensive, there is no other way to put it. It seems like this year flew by really quickly and I can’t believe we are already in the holiday season. The holidays are of course a great time of the year, except where and when it hits your budget. We spend a decent amount on presents in our family, and try to save as much as we can.

Below are some ways to possibly save on your holiday shopping this season:

1. Have a budget

Having a set budget is perfect in many situations, especially when determining how much to spend on the holidays. Try and have a family meeting to determine how much should be spent on each person. Maybe considering a sort of swap where each person only gifts a present to one person is a good idea as well. We do this with the extended family and it helps save a lot of money.

2. Stick to this budget

Having a budget is no good if you don’t stick to it. Make sure you stay under or right at budget. I’ve also heard of people use any money that they “save” towards their holiday budget as well.

Saving on holiday presents and Christmas shopping3. Buy early

Buying early can save you money also. When you buy at the last second, you usually disregard prices because you are in a rush and are looking for the perfect present. By buying early, you can search for deals and wait for the truly best price on the product that you are wanting to buy.

4. Find coupons

There are lots of coupons out there, especially around the holidays. Also, if you are not interested in buying an actual product, tons of retailers also also extra money if you buy gift cards. For example, if you buy $25 to a restaurant, you might also get an extra $5 to spend there as well.

5. Compare prices

Searching online can save a lot of money also. Buying a discounted used gift card online can save you 10% or more most of the time. Compare different websites and retailers to see which one offers the lowest price. Many stores also offer a price match guarantee, so look into whether the store you are at offers that as well.

6. Use reward websites

There are plenty of websites out there that can help you save money. Buy shopping online, you might earn a rebate for money back on your purchases. The rebate may not be worth a lot of money, but a little bit can end up adding to be quite a bit if you are doing a lot of your holiday spending this way.

7.  Be crafty

Making your own presents can be a good idea as well. It’s not always cheaper (for example, knitting can be very expensive). However, making your own presents is much more meaningful than buying something. Also, I always LOVE getting something homemade. If you already have the material on hand, then your holiday projects can also be even more cheaper.

8. Exchange services

If you are completely out of money (or would rather spend your money on more needed things) then offer your services. Maybe create a coupon book for your significant other and other family members for things. Also, a nice holiday dinner can go a long way as well.

How do you save money during the holidays?