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by Andi B.

According to the knot, the average cost of a 150-person wedding in the United States is $25,000. Saving on a Wedding is our series on how to have a beautiful wedding on a tightwad budget.

Yesterday I was with a friend, shopping for wedding supplies at the Dollar Tree. While a wedding is a once in a lifetime (hopefully) day, you don’t have to pay for that wedding for the rest of your lifetime. A dollar store is one way you can keep your budget in check. Items we saw yesterday:

  • Favor Boxes
  • Candy (They had special wedding buttermints that said “Thank you for sharing our special day.”)
  • Cake Topper
  • Card Box
  • Baskets
  • Vases
  • Ring Pillow
  • Faux Flower Petals
  • Ribbon
  • Tulle
  • Bags
  • Even Garter Belts

Some of these items were even 50 cents. Many of these same items were five times as expensive at the local craft store. If you’re willing to be a DIY bride and have a few friends to help out, you can save literally thousands of dollars on your wedding.

Let’s take favor boxes as an example. A package of 12 favor boxes at the dollar store cost $4.00 at a craft store. For a 150-person wedding that means you can spend $13 or $52. Each of these expenses begin to add up. Utilizing the dollar store may require a measure of simplicity in your affair, or some creativity on your part to get exactly what you want, but the cost benefits are far and away worth it.

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